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Dear September


Welcome back September, and welcome back fellow lurkers to CozeySL, where you can find an  array of consumer goods’ reviews, obscene virtual merchandise promotions, and choice morsels of my ever fleeting thoughts and always loving mind.

This past weekend proved to be just what I needed to jump back into the swing of things and let me first start off by saying how cool and how awesome it was to get to meet the winners of CozeySL’s Fall Giveaway! I’ve added their blog links here, so do take a peek and make a new friend why doncha 🙂

The Arcade is now open for the public and I’ve included several designers’ features in this scene who will be present there. Tarte’s Dear September set includes 9 commons & 3 rares; Death Row Designs’ Library Steps are from DRD’s Mystery Mansion set, and let me just say that the photography coming out from this set are spectacular to say the least.


The first of the month also brings us a new round at FaMESHed and I’ve included several small deco items from unKindness and 22769, do be sure to visit if you find yourself stuck in an Arcade teleport loop.

If you have just recently started following this blog, here are a couple of categories and links to some of our regular features and not so regular ones.

Sunday Sevensies: A Weekly wrap up with mayo on the side. Fries at your request.
Access Your Eyes: A Weekly accessory (s)  spotlight
Mix and Match: Could be anything really, pots and pans, rugs and tablecloth, but mostly its fashiony
Cozey Interior Features: H&G segments, living, dining, boudoir
Outdoor SLiving: ehh outside deco and grass. Lots of grass. Seattle is grassy.

You can find these categories at the top of the website in the menu as well.

We try to keep things light around here, and I tend to blab about my RL once in a while.  I have always thought the Second Life blogosphere was  another part of sharing our virtual experience/existence.

And I’ve found that in spite of a blog’s ‘age’ or ‘reach’, folks who regularly share their creativity through this medium, usually makes for a happy and productive resident in this vast metaverse.

This is just happens to be my Cozey Second Life, and you, as always, are most welcomed.

*Tarte Dear September | Arcade Gacha Event for September 2015
-tarte. writing desk RARE
-tarte. hanging candle (steel)
-tarte. hanging candle (bronze)
-tarte. jar plant
-tarte. chic picture shelf RARE
-tarte. branch organizer
-tarte. desk clutter
-tarte. desk light
-tarte. desk chair
-tarte. oval frame
-tarte. typewriter
-tarte. world map light RARE

*Death Row Designs Mystery Mansion Library Steps | Arcade Gacha Event for September 2015

*22769 ~ [bauwerk] Porcellain Owl | FaMESHed September
*unKindness Autumn Vanity Wreath 1 & 2 | FaMESHed September

*NOMAD // Improvised // Laundry Basket and Soap | Shiny Shabby
*NOMAD // Improvised // Flowers in Bottle | Shiny Shabby

Bitter Vanilla Iron wall hanging (black-rust, on windowsill) | Creators Collection Box
Vagabond & Kalopsia
Pearl’s Lace Curtain (modded) | Collabor88

*[ zerkalo ] Sweet Home – Table Floral
*[ zerkalo ] Sweet Home – Armchair Natural

[ zerkalo ] Country Living – Pillow2
[ zerkalo ] Country Living – Pillow1
Cheeky Pea Hanging Pinecones
Bitter Vanilla Memo (on the wall)
PLAAKA CottonBowl & CottonFruits
{vespertine}- diy memory board / vintage
dust bunny . wood beaded curtain
[Ink] Bee curtain ::S
Garden of Dreams Hanging Ivy
tarte. old wood table
Jordan Giant Ruggies (Wet Soil)
the mustard seed puppy & sunflowers (modded)
Build: junk. attic skybox. RARE









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  2. Oooh lovely pics, that sort of sepia toning makes them very Septembery indeed! Was so nice chatting with you in world last night! I’m doubly glad I entered your contest, not only did I win a great prize, I made a lovely new friend. 😊💜

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