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A Thousand Words: Gods and Monsters

The Deepest Depths

When I originally took this shot a few days ago, it never dawned on me as to how I would present it here on Cozey. Would it be a fashion feature? A random quote out of my bum picture feature? So it was with a grateful heart, that I happen upon Zee’s link to A Thousand Words. 

There is no pressure to put something out there or to ‘keep’ up with topics etc. From what the creators say on the blog site, A Thousand Words is meant to inspire us.

“What is a picture worth?” Well this one maybe worth a penny or two. Three paragraphs? I jest.

The first topic is “Gods and Monsters” and if you visit the Flickr pool, you can keep up with the current topic of the week as well as make your suggestions for the following week.

And you don’t have to submit a picture to suggest a topic either.

I still have no idea how to classify this being, is she a hybrid? Or some kind of Rockfish on steroids? Did she have a run in with rather, unscrupulous characters? Alright I’ll spare you the thousand words.

Many thanks to Zee for sharing that link, the timing couldn’t be more perfect 🙂

*Accessories: Noctis Envy Demon Accessories | Festival of Sin II (Envy)
-[noctis] chained envy demon wings
-[noctis] Envy Demon Crown
-[noctis] Envy Demon Hornsw chains and buds
*Accessoires II: Cerberus Xing Impaled Blades | Festival of Sin II (Wrath)
-[CX] Arm Blade Scar (System Layer)
-[CX] Arm Blades
-[CX] Knuckle Blades
*Hair: MINA Laila | Festival of Sin II (Lust)
*Necklace: Death Row Designs Anarchy Necklace | Fantasy Collective
Skin: The Plastik Arkasia Series (Varrus w/ scales)
Makeup: The Plastik Arkasia Make-up ‘Queen’
The Plastik Astrali Eyeshadow ‘Smoke’
Piercing: ARISE Swirl Septum
Tail: Erare’s Syren Flora
Other: {anc} Bubbles
Pose: Exposeur Underwater #4
Location: Pacifique




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