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Simmering Calm

Simmering Calm2

Photography and Styling by Vertigo Sands

Finally, after much pimping up, we can now talk about this lovely kitchen scene that has been ‘simmering’ in the background of some of my latest posts.

A couple of weeks ago, we were browsing through The Okinawa Summer Festival and as shopping goes, sometimes digging a bit deeper in research can yield wonderful results.

A few of you have been asking about the origins of this particular kitchen set and the reason for the vagueness was so that I could gush about it today.

I’m still not sure how we ended up at the iTuTu mainstore, but V was pretty determined to find ‘that one thing’. One place led him to another, and I was teleported to a region full of home and garden brands that haven’t been in the limelight for sometime.

Imagine to our pleasant surprise when we happen upon a ‘cafe’ scene beside iTuTu that housed this beautiful kitchen set to which he promptly brought home to be our new uh, virtual cooking space, thing.

place for you

img by Wendz Tempest

The counter tops, cupboards, sink, stove and hood are essentially one piece, no modify and mesh with a 6 land impact count. The fridge, shelves and smaller pots/pieces are sold separately and are a mix of mesh and sculpts.

Also included in this scene is Trompe Loeil’s Laney Dining set for FaMESHed gorgeously and familiarly set in the one and only Apple Fall Hardwick Manor also featured at FaMESHed.

So the next time you’re off perusing the wares of your favorite SL designers, take a deeper look into all that surrounds you and who knows? You may just find ‘that one’ thing!


*Apple Fall Hardwick Manor | FaMESHed

Trompe Loeil – Laney Dining Chair White | FaMESHed
Trompe Loeil – Laney DIning Plate + Flatware + Napkin | FaMESHed
Trompe Loeil – Laney Dining Table White | FaMESHed
Trompe Loeil – Laney Dining Bench Dark | FaMESHed

(iTuTu) Books & Pitcher
(iTuTu) frying pan
(iTuTu) ) hanging green pan
(iTuTu) Hearts Curtain – normal
(iTuTu) Kitchen Hanger – olive ver. –
(iTuTu) kitchen hanger&goods
(iTuTu) Kitchen Shelf – A –
(iTuTu) Kitchen Shelf – B –
(iTuTu) kitchin tool hanger
(iTuTu) milk pan
(iTuTu) Simple Kitchen – white – (with cabinet&hood) no mod 6li
(iTuTu) simple refrigerator/2door – white (modifiable)

-ATTIC- White Paper Cranes Rain Curtain RARE
.01 [ kunst ] – Wine bottles & glasses wall rack RARE
[ zerkalo ] Shiny Shabby Boho-colored kitchen – Breadboard
[ zerkalo ] Shiny Shabby Boho-colored kitchen – Table
[Breno] Pigeon hole Wine rack (HVD)
8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Apple Pie
dust bunny . amy’s stacked mugs
dust bunny . braided rug
dust bunny . small spaces kitchen . island cabinet
dust bunny . toaster . color change
dust bunny amy tea kettle
Dutchie copper saucepan
Dutchie 2 kitchen towels
Dutchie copper frying pan
Dutchie copper high pan with ears
Dutchie decorative plates
Dutchie pot with kitchenware
Dutchie ratatouille: vegetables and cookbook
floorplan. caramel apple platter
floorplan. tea towel ladder
floorplan. vintage kitchen scale
Gumi’s Flower Shop Flower Arrangement – Casa Blanca
HIDEKI – Door Shelf
HIDEKI – Shabby Kitchen Shelf
PILOT – Tufted Sofa [Black]
Plaaka PLABELL ivory (cable cap)
Power Home orient carpet – turquoise – black -mesh – mimmi
Soy. Corn Broom
The Loft – Pot Rack Dark
Trompe Loeil – Jar Chandelier

Photography by Vertigo Sands
Styling by Vertigo Sands


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