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Shoreditch Industrial Warehouse for Love to Decorate

Eli Baily Warehouse

Now isn’t this the most anti-cozeyiest scene to grace the front of this blogsite? But I do love a challenge!

This behemoth of a build is a conservative 110 prims|LI, is modifiable, isss mesh and iss designed by the one and only ShuteDeGlory, who happens to be one of my favorite Second Life architect geniuses.

To give you an idea of how huge this build is, it is sitting on a 64 by 64 platform with room to spare of course. I wasn’t able to take the shots I wanted inside the warehouse, but if you recall his previous ware house releases, the Shoreditch is basically extended a few more meters out and includes a rear entrance along with the front area you can see in this picture.

I’m thinking, new gacha sales room maybe?? Art studio!! I don’t ‘art’ much though.

Love to Decorate The Event opens today, August 10th, so do visit and take a peek of the Shoreditch up close and personal.

It’s an interesting Monday morning post granted, but we can’t eat chicken dinners every day now can we?

*=EliBaily= Shoreditch Industrial Warehouse | Love to Decorate The Event August 10th – 24th @ 12pmSLT

EliBaily Flickr 
Love to Decorate The Event Facebook

Love to Decorate Website

Other Credits:
-Virtual Decay- Cargo Containers
-Virtual Decay- Old Bikerack
-Virtual Decay- Rusty scaffolding
Five Minutes After Wood Containers
Five Minutes After Ruined Foundation
NiNight Creations Mesh Truck
3D Studio Max Real Poste
3D Studio Max Realistic Barrel Flame
:Fanatik Architecture: FLORENCE Parking

Here is the vendor ad for The Shoreditch Warehouse where you can see the interior 🙂

Shoreditch Industrial Warehouse


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