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Outdoor Glam

Outdoor Glam

Hay Bale furnishings…it’s the latest and greatest thing since mayonnaise  sandwiches!

No really, it is.

Every fall in our neck of the woods, our area is host to the largest county fair in Washington State, and cute pieces like the Cheeky Pea Roll in the Hay set for Love to Decorate The Event, are just one of my favorite features there.

Although not as glamorous. But if you’re like me and regularly scroll the gazillion images on Pinterest for inspiration, you’ll note that this is a great alternative to the standard outdoor decor.

Each ‘chair’ as it were, holds animations (PG or Adult versions available), pose props and more. The blankets and pillows, while they are rezzed from each of the sittables’ will not move with the furniture if you move them, so be careful when resetting positions. There are several pattern options for the pillows and blankets as well.

You’ll enjoy the fact that the firepit can be modified to a quiet sounding-smoldering fire, or crackly loud, where it hisses and spits embers, like a boss.

Also dotting my elegant and familiar clutterful scene are these engaging petunias from Lilith Heart which are also available at Love the Decorate.

Do check out the LTD website for more infos and if you have any questions, comments, or just like sharing recipes, feel free to do so below.


*Cheeky Pea Roll in the Hay Set | Love to Decorate The Event Now Open
:CP: Roll in the Hay Middle Pillow Part
:CP: Roll in the Hay Right End Part 
:CP: Roll in the Hay Firepit
:CP: Roll in the Hay Log Pile
:CP: Roll in the Hay Light String
:CP: Roll in the Hay S’more Plates
:CP: Roll in the Hay Caramel Apples
:CP: Hot Chocolate

*HEART – WildFlowers – Petunias | Love to Decorate The Event Now Open

*CONVAIR Circles Fence Set | FaMESHed

Botanical – Sun/Moon beam
*HEART – Sunflowers – Rows
Happy Mood Garden Sweet Grass
D-LAB-Forest series tree03
Garden of Dreams Facil Tree – Summer –



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