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Access Your Eyes: Sukitita


If you’re looking for a great alternative for applier based clothing, Suki is a brand worth checking out as she will be featuring this latest outfit at On9 during the month of August.

Kirin Keiko Poses

New! Kirin’s Keiko Pose Set for FLF 8/7

The applier based market is surprisingly doing well  and during the last few rounds at On9, we have been privileged to showcase Sukitita’s designs with relish. In her blog, she has been credited as a designer for IMVU since 2007, and Second Life since 2012. 

Before I get into the more rigorous fashion blabbing, I wanted to talk a little bit about Applier Based Designers and their frequent obstacles with events that only accept original ‘mesh’ content. The applier based clothing ‘market’ I feel, is often overlooked simply because the clothing is not outwardly made out of mesh, even though they are ‘originals’.

On the other hand, tattoo and skin brands that have appliers ARE included in events that require the ‘only original mesh’ motif. Perhaps it is just the air in my head speaking, but I would like to know how this is possible? Are they not all created for mesh bodies? Is the ‘functionality’ the determining factor? How does one reconcile the differences in that ‘functionality’?

If event organizers/owners determines the event to only accept ‘original mesh content’, than I fail to see how tattoo and skin designs come under these types of guidelines without also including clothing appliers. Or, maybe its a you say tomatoes I say toe maht ohs kind of thing, and it is a simple case of semantics.

OR, I am drunk typing again. (You don’t drink Bumble! Go home!)

Do be sure to stop on by when On9 opens and in the mean time hop in this taxi over to Suki’s mainstore to demo her latest releases.

I’d love to read your take on some of things discussed here today so feel free to leave comments and such in the box below.


*Dress: Suki‘ Veld in black by Sukitita | Coming Soon to On9
-Omega Applier (for Maitreya Lara)
-Also includes TMP Applier
*Hair: EMOtions *YVE* | Coming Soon to On9
*Poses: Kirin Keiko Pose Set | Fifty Linden Friday August 7th
*Shoes: Essenz’ Costa Rica | The Gacha Garden
-Costa Rica is available in 12 singe colors as gacha ONLY
-Every 20th pull the player will receive a special gift called the Seed of Inspiration (SOI).
After The Gacha Garden has ended the SOI will retire and will not become for sale.
-How to Play @ The Gacha Garden!


Skin: YSYS Yvonne (Lelutka Leda Mesh Head Applier)
Head: Lelutka Leda
Body: Maitreya Lara
*Eyes: Ikon Charm Eyes Black
Location: New Tokyo


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