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Lounge Room Anonymous


I dare say, if this room existed in reality, we would be of most men all miserable. Why? Because I lack the fundamental piece to finish what my kids finally thought was the ‘coolest’ scene I’ve set to date.

The quintessential gaming chair is the missing link to my afternoon bout with procrastination and I am horribly, ashamedly apologetic folks.

You see, I had started this project earlier this morning with the hopes of finalizing before I left for work, but then, BUT THEN, Minecraft happened.

Yes, that. If you have been reading this blog for sometime, there is an underlying theme of this side addiction that I sometimes get lost in. During the summer months it is very easy for me to get in on the play with the kids when they are home.

But I do hope this makes up for it. If you’re ever needing some good bathroom reading material (cough) here’s a link to some articles I’ve written about Minecraft over at

Thanks for stopping by on your busy Second Life Saturday Afternoon, and do peruse the credits for all the infos, and again, missing chair in a lounge room?  oi vey!

*Stockholm&Lima: Comic Sofa | FaMESHed
*Stockholm&Lima: Comic Frame #1_WIP (modded) | FaMESHed
*Unkindness Abandoned Loft | FaMESHed

*[ARIA] Giada Exposed Light Bulb | Uber
*[ARIA] Giada Decorative Concrete Pyramid| Uber

*[ARIA] Finley decorative vintage tea cup
*[ARIA] Finley Chaise Lounge (PG)
*ARIA & The Loft Devon rug
NOMAD // Aviator Table Lamp
NOMAD // Gamer Shelf
NOMAD // Otaku Desk
*Second Spaces* geeky game controllers
*Second Spaces* geeky powerstrip with cords
*Second Spaces* geeky old school game cartridges
Tartessos Arts Code Yucca Plant
Tartessos Arts Avenue Plant 1
Tartessos Arts Girl’s Essentials
DIGS – Swain Tealight Decor [MESH]
concept} Leo Pot Light S
MudHoney Rustic Welcome Sign
MudHoney Great Day Poster
MudHoney Snake Plant in beat up vase
MudHoney Home Books
MudHoney Alex Books
*Dreamscapes Art Gallery* *Bookworm* Shelf
The Hive – Geek Chic Hanging Lights
Kalopsai – Plants – Floor
Five Minutes After NO FUTURE
Kuro – String lights curtain
Sway’s [Snowfall] curtain




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