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Divided We Fall

Divided We Fall_Final1

A common enemy we often face, isn’t some mythical beast, or ‘legion of many’, quite the contrary in fact. 

Give me one full day in Second Life full of gratuitous selfies, countless L$ transactions, and virtual shopping bags bursting at the seams, and I’ll show you the hundreds if not thousands of residents who log in everyday, not knowing why, with no real agenda, or goal for their virtual lives.

I used to spend days on end B.C. (before Cozey) wandering aimlessly and doing my best version of ‘fitting’ in. If the definition of ‘avatar’ means our best idea of ourselves, personified, than I’m afraid my early years of Second Life proved the naysayers, correct in their assumptions that the virtual community was dying a slow, painful death.

Was it addiction that kept me bound for so long? Perhaps. As many of you have seen and read lately, our corner of the metaverse was recently visited by a real-life television show personality, with the purpose of showing the flip-side of long-term gaming/virtual immersive play. (I’ve included relevant links below, feel free to scroll past the drivel.)

Something as positive as this should never be poo-poohed imho, especially by community members. And thankfully, it hasn’t been. In fact, I almost feel like there is a resurgence and renewed ‘faith’ in the belief that maybe our virtual world is relevant to the real world.


The experiences are real enough, and the emotional satisfaction or dissatisfaction we get from those experiences will always affect our real selves.  The common enemy we face then, is ourselves. It is us, we, you and I, looking to the mirror of our virtual entity and coming to terms with how we behave on the screen, and behind it.

So rather than waste precious time drawing in the negativity of the day, whatever its flavour maybe, why not introduce your enemy to a better way of thinking.

No earthly body or soul or virtual being is better than any body else. We each have something to bring to the table and when it is all said and done, for those who have chosen to ‘SLive’, will undoubtedly have conquered their inner demons.

For our virtual world to survive and thrive, we should not allow ‘the little foxes to spoil the vine’. Crass interjection, I know, but little niggling thoughts of despair, discouragement and distrust are things I can SLive without.

SL Community Blog

DR Phil visits Second Life – Remixed version by Drax Despres

Strawberry Singh’s I met Dr. Phil in Second Life


*Death Row Designs’ Roman Chariot (Battlefield/Clean Version) PG  by Jaime Hancroft | The Secret Affair
*Death Row Designs’ Roman Accessories | The Secret Affair
*DRD roman spearholder
*DRD roman dagger holder
*DRD Roman helmet 1 (worn)
*DRD Roman helmet 2 – red (as prop)
*DRD Roman Sandals in black (small) for Slink Flat Feet

Alegria Marcia Armor Panty and Top | Secret Affair
Khaleesi Bracelets
*Cerberus Xing Spine Fragment
ARISE Swirl Septum
Hair: booN TGR684,BUT389
Slink Physique
Slink Splayed Mesh Hands, Flat Feet, Relaxed Hands
Lelutka Mesh Head Leda 1.1
Skin: YSYS Yvonne #3
Necromancer Staff by Isaura Simons
The Little Branch PonyPalm by Cari McKeenan | The Secret Affair
The Little Branch Banyan Tree by Cari McKeenan | WayWard Carnival Event

Harshlands Impaled Corpse by Kadaj Yochikawa
Harshlands Wyvern
Harshlands Rhinoceros
Build: A.D.D.Andel!-It’s Further Than You Think




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