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Access Your Eyes – An Eclectic Affair

Access Your Eyes and Smile_1

Who says geoprints and neon gradient jeans can’t go together?

Today’s episode of Access Your Eyes is brought to you by the letter E, for Eclecticism.

Ahh, betcha’ didn’t know that was a real word now did’ya?! I didn’t, and so I looked it up like a boss and found this little nugget of information:

  1. Eclecticism is a conceptual approach that does not hold rigidly to a single paradigm or set of assumptions, but instead draws upon multiple theories, styles, or ideas to gain complementary insights into a subject, or applies different theories in particular cases.

And therein lies the basis for my savvy styling today. Such a smartass you are Wendz. (Why, thank you!)

I have this little routine, a rather flimsy approach actually, when putting together my look of the day. My foundation begins with the shoes, and 95.99999% of the time, it will be one of Senz’ latest creations. From there, I skip over the rest of the body and choose a hair style.

And I have NO idea why. Some of my friends will base their style off of the outfit itself, or maybe another accessory, the make-up, the event, or even scenery, which is all fine and great and wonderful.

So my excuse is, I was probably born into Second Life upside down. (cheeky grin)


Eclecticism and its definition thereof, allows for the inclusion of free thinking and a willingness to open our minds to other possibilities. In Second Life, we come from all parts of the globe, all walks of life, from various backgrounds, situations, and each with our own unique story.

The beautiful crescendo comes when our efforts and creative energies mesh into our surroundings, and our virtual world. It resounds in all the things we do, in the things we make, the friends we keep and dreams we dream. 

So what if I started off upside down with a penchant for shoes? Or just maybe this whole positive vibe I’m feeling about our virtual world isn’t your cup of tea (at the moment) and all I’m typing is utter hogwash.

Then I’d be remiss to tell you fellow lurker, that you are missing out. And being on the outside looking in is all that will ever be written in your story, to which I respond wholeheartedly,

“Don’t let it be.”


*Hair: [sYs] Tyka Hair by Systi Cisse | Hair Fair 2015
*Tattoos: [sYs] Hena by Systi Cisse | Chapter Four
*Jewelry: Meva Spiral Spheres Series by Mea Carnell | On9
*Sunglasses: Haysuriza Crystal Glasses Line | On9
*Pants: alaskametrosl Maya Jeans (applier) by Alaska Metro | Apply Me!
-New Appliers Event from July 10 – 20, 2015
Top: MoDANNA [Infaillible Collection] Knotted T-Shirt Aztek
*Shoes: Essenz Santiago by Senzati0n Domenitzo | The Season’s Story
*Nails: The Wicked Peach Summer Basics Manicure applier by Autumn Amaranth |On9
Skin: Genesis Lab Julia v2 ‘Relax’ (gacha) | Kustom9
-Includes Mesh Head, applier HUD, ears/eyes, skin-base
Body: Maitreya Lara 3.3
*Eyes: Ikon Charm Eyes Coffee by Ikon Innovia

*22769 ~ [bauwerk] Infinity Lounge Chair Mahagony White | On9
*22769 ~ [bauwerk] Minimalist Sunshade | On9
*Aria & The Loft – Dakota glass orbs




  1. I know I can always come here, read your posts and be uplifted for the rest of the day. You and your quirky, err, eclecticism wit always brings a smile to my face. I love you♥ Love the styling too 🙂

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