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Make yourself at home, with Penelope from Di’Cor

Penelope Final

I read recently that ‘interior design and décor is a constant living breathing thing. Interior design is about adding personal elements to the home, it is not about the designer.”

Second Life affords a virtual ‘living space’ that welcomes us to fill with what we love and know best. And being the ever consummate capitalist consumer that I am, (and proud to be!), I dare say to buy it, be happy and live your SLife.

Just taking that extra bit of time honing in a room and adding the little touches makes all the difference in the virtual world, as cruel and cold as it can be.

Penelope is the name of this living room set that is designed by new and upcoming furniture brand, Di’Cor. The framing work/wood for all the pieces are bamboo, giving it (well me) that nostalgic fuzzy feeling from the sets that I grew up with living in on the island of Maui. Its a tropical hangout with a middle eastern-y twist!

You read earlier that ‘interior design and decor is not about the designer, but adding personal elements to the home’ and I thought this was rather poignant. So often, I go through magazines looking for that ‘livable’ factor.

I make or create these scenes because I live in them. Or dream of living in them anyway. And I make em’ so that if or when there is ever company, like you for instance, we won’t have to stand around resting on our AO’s just looking at the ‘stuff’. (Though stuff is great don’t get me wrong.)

That is my dream for the month, anyway.

Penelope will be on sale at the Tres Chic shopping event starting July 17th. Each piece is modifiable so you can scale to your hearts content, and the fabric textures are pretty much what you see, there are some material effect on the framework and fabric themselves. You could do all kinds of boho themed rooms with this set, its that diverse.

Remember that when you are scaling mesh pieces in Second Life, it will have an effect on your land impact wherever you are rezzing things. Land impact and prim count are different ways that SL measures your ‘virtual’ space as it were. (Click here for more information, its a bit of a read so feel free to ping me in world if you have questions)

Di’Cor on Flickr 
Di’Cor Flickr Pool
Di’Cor on Marketplace
Tres Chic Website
Tres Chic Shopping Guide for July 

*Di’Cor Penelope by Di’Cor | Tres Chic Starts July 17th 
Penelope Sofa (15 LI)
Penelope Arm Chair (3 LI)
Penelope Table (2 LI) (Not Pictured)
Penelope Sheesha (2 LI)
Penelope Wall Screen (5 LI)
Penelope Lamps (5 LI)
Penelope Rug (3 LI)
Penelope Wooden Banjo (3 LI

*[ARIA] Deva side table
*[ARIA] Deva lotus candle holder
*[ARIA] Deva hanging tapestry
*[ARIA] Willa potted Aspidistra plant
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Russian Hand Harp
The Loft – Snake Plant
PILOT – Tall Cactus 1
PILOT – Tall Cactus 2
Kuro – String lights curtain
Kalopsia – Hanging Drapes
Jian – Vintera Lanterns
Fancy Decor: Star Light, Star Bright
Cheeky Pea Whitby Lantern
Cheeky Pea Star Hanging Garland
Tartessos Arts Noor Cabinet
{Reverie} Honey Pie Aged Books and Candles
Garden of Dreams Hanging Ivy
Trompe Loeil – Kiya Beach Hut Fruit Punch (Modded)





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