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Sunday Sevensies – The Magic of Second Life

The Magic Of Second Life

There is nothing more freeing than to allow your creative spirit some time to dream and wander.

Today, I want to be reminded of the whimsy and wonder that gives Second Life its purpose, its soul as it were.

This build, another creation by The Den is bursting with nostalgia, takes me back to a time when my imagination was at its infancy, to a time where I could be anyone I chose to be, make anything I wanted to make and dream without fear of judgement.

A time when fun didn’t have the double entendre. When fun was pure, an unadulterated version that gave you eyes of wonderment.

I hold out to the idea that this cabin was designed and created in that spirit. Because it was fun.

Remember when Second Life was fun?

I added a bit of folklore whimsy from Wimey (because they’re fun); they are the little blue ghosties that you’ve probably seen in a movie a few years ago. I thought it’d be a clever touch to the following commentary that befits how I’ve been feeling lately:

Travelers, particularly those who venture out after sunset on unfamiliar pathways…beware of the will o’ the wisps.

It is said, though by whom is a bit of a mystery, that on certain days for certain travelers in certain parts of the world, little lights dance on the horizon, whispering tempting invitations… pledging the answers to lifelong questions, the realization of dreams, a key to secret treasures; a change of fate.

Charmed and curious, unsuspecting travelers follow the floating lights, mesmerized by their whispers, their promises. Yet no matter how long or how fervently they follow, they never quite touch the beautiful beacons whose flickering lights eventually fade and disappear… leaving the inquisitors, the dreamers and the treasure seekers lost… and alone.

Today, I have decided to change my perspective and go back once again to where it all began. Focusing on the positive experiences rather than dwelling on the glories of the past, or bicker about the so called dismal present.

*The Den LinkEm Log – Cabin by Mike Denneny | Uber SL
~Includes Log Pieces, Linked set, and sample Cabin

HEART – Sunflowers by Lilith Heart | FaMESHed

Dysfunctionality Ainur Lantern
Dysfunctionality Bessie the Cow
Dysfunctionality Flower Plot – Long – Daffodils
Vagabond – Peggy’s Pony
Zanimania RustyK Breed Grass/Butterflies (Modded)
Botanical – Sun/Moon beam
D-Lab Chicken
+Half-Deer+ Deer Planter
Jian – Darlington Window Planter
Cheeky Pea Divya Yoga Mat Inspirational Quote
<!WorN?> Morbid Fascination – Goth Warning Signs
<!WorN?> Ambient Fireflies
.:Wimey:. Follow Your Fate
The Looking Glass- Giant Swamp Trees
Happy Mood Bright Particle
Studio Skye Rocky Outcrop


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