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A Practical Retreat

A Practical Retreat

The quiet revolution of a calm bathroom retreat keeps your small spaces updated, refreshed and yes, practical!

Above the false front of our current home is built a rather teeny, eensy, weensy space I believe was meant for something like this.

Of course if I were to truly call this practical, you would undoubtedly notice that there is no toilet, no toilet paper, no sink and no Glade. It’s Second Life, and sim water works wonders for that. (I’ve heard)

Revival’s Revolution series is currently available at Shiny Shabby. The tub has two versions, PG and uhh the naughty version. You’ll want to test out the animations while demo-ing, just to be practical. (hah there’s that word again)

I mean, a naughty bathtub in Second Life, that’s not very practical is it? Wait, now what was that thing about us deviants in this world only doing the pixel nasty? OHHh, right, we agreed not to care, gotcha. (chirping cricket noises to simulate the not caring bit)

Seriously though, the set is classy and perfect for any style of home you might have. Each piece is modifiable and some surfaces are able to change textures so do see it up close and personal at the event.

I say, it is a rather, opened room isn’t it? If I stood up mid soak, I suppose poor flyby newbies would see me in all my pixelated gory..I mean glory.

A Practical Retreat2

There, and not a moment too soon. Feels almost revolutionary to me!

Have a great Thursday fellow lurker, and should you have any questions about the content viewed and read here today feel free to ping me in world or comment below.

*Revival Revolution Bath Set by Momentous | Shiny Shabby
.:revival:. bathroom bench
.:revival:. revolution bath II
.:revival:. woven bench with towel
.:revival:. candle bag leather

*.:revival:. hammock chair
*.:revival:. mandala lantern silver
*[ARIA] Signe decorative book pile
*[ARIA] Delilah decorative Birch trio
PILOT – Deco Dining Rug | SummerFest 2015
Soy. Superlong potted cactus B w/o stand
Mesh Plants Peace Lily Plant in Pot
Mesh Hanging Fern by TranquilMoonDancer Timeless
Tartessos Arts Sensation Dracaena Plant
Cheeky Pea Sara Hanging Plant
MudHoney Towel Ladder
MudHoney Pile of Towels
Dutchie stack of towels
Dutchie bowl with soap
[we’re CLOSED] log candles
Alouette – Coconut Candles
Alouette – Ceiling Fan
Garden of Dreams Hanging Ivy
DIGS – Almut Hanging Terrarium – Candle
Tiki Tattoo – Pool & Tower House

*Important to note: I usually leave out landmarks for brands/stores that I have already listed in previous articles. Should you need the location/SLURL for a certain brand/store, simply use the keyword search and type your query. Many thanks!




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