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Sunday Sevensies~ Best of Cozey

Sunday Dwellings1024

For lack of a sexier headline, today is going to be pretty chill around here, now that I’ve surrounded myself with ample reading material.

A couple of weeks ago, fellow blogger Canary Beck wrote an informative piece on the SL Blogger Support website titled,

“8 easy tips to drive more traffic to your old Second Life blog posts gems”. And because I’m in such a perky mood,I thought it would be fun (sheer torture) to share some of my favorite posts on Cozey

(I’m soooo sorry!)

 Curves and Edges:  Up until about a week ago, this was the most viewed post on CozeySL. It was my first foray into the Mesh Body Revolution and it probably helped that there were nekked stuffs too :/

Seeing the Unseen: I had submitted this article for one of Berry’s Memes, but turns out, its purpose went a mite deeper you could say. I ended up sharing it with a few of my RL relatives whom I felt needed to read this as a form of closure.

Ain’t it fun? I had written a short, sort of nonsensical post this day, but what never made it to the ‘page’ were the real life problems I and my family faced during this time. So often we as bloggers, content reviewers and/or otherwise, are fraught with deadline woes that our perspective clouds over with non essentials.

Chronicling the misadventures of a virtual being wasn’t something I planned to do at this stage of my life so the fun factor must fit in, or Cozey is just another blurb.

Last one I promise!

A Cozey ChristmasThat thing about fun? Right, totally here.

Thank you for taking the time out of your Sunday to visit us today and for walking down memory lane with me.

..there there, its over now ♪♥☻

*The Den Hammock Home Delux by Mike Denneny | FaMESHed

*ARIA Finley Lounge Mini Set by Yelo Uriza | FaMESHed
[ARIA] Finley Chaise Lounge
[ARIA] Finley decorative books
[ARIA] Finley decorative vintage tea cup
[ARIA] Finley Potted succulent plant
[ARIA] Finley side table

MudHoney Seduced by a Noob Book | FaMESHed
MudHoney Closed Poppies | FaMESHed
[ zerkalo ] Black & White – Clock | Shiny Shabby

*[ARIA] Raleigh upholstered bench (PG)
*[ARIA] Raleigh decorative cushions
*[ARIA] Signe leaning shelf (decorated)
*[ARIA] Signe floor light
*[ARIA] Signe zamioculcas potted plant
*[ARIA] Savannah Roman Blinds
*[ARIA] Holden Calla Lily bouquet in a vase
*[ARIA] & The Loft – Dakota Side Table

MudHoney Fashion Books
MudHoney Magazine Pile
MudHoney Magazine Holder
MudHoney Wooden Urn
MudHoney Grafik Rug
[Tia] Jewelled Chandelier






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