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Hair Fair July 11th-26th

Bandana Day Wendz Tempest, CozeySL

The annual Hair Fair event will start on July 11th and will run till July 26th.

This year I wanted to do a little something in addition to the donations to Wigs for Kids, and made a bandana for Bandana Day.

Each bandana is usually given the same donation amount and are mod/trans, this way, you can buy for your friends and family. I’ve included several links below so do visit when you can.

I will be absent from SL and Cozey for the next few days, or one depending on if my surgery goes well. You can always follow me via Twitter and Facebook, because we’re lurkers like that 🙂

Thank you for stopping by today and feel free to leave a comment below, or cookie recipes, I’m gonna need ’em!


Hair Fair Blog

Hair Fair DEMO Group  (copy/paste link in local chat)

Hair Fair 2015 Subscribo

Wigs for Kids Info


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