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Cozey Contemporary in monochrome

Cozey Contemporary in monotone 1024

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It’s a bit of a classic chic, meets minimalism, meets monochrome kind of morning here at Cozey.

There are several pieces here that have not yet made it to their respective main stores (yet), so be sure to scroll through credits and grab the info should you want an update.

I was flipping through the current Love to Decorate magazine over the weekend to find some inspiration for real life decorating if you can believe that, and found it!

LTD Interior Stylist Tippy Wingtips has a great how-to article on page 147  for those of us who need that extra push in styling interior spaces. Click here to find out how you can receive notices on upcoming issues.

My RL living room serves as a general catch-all for the entire household, and frankly its getting on my last nerves. That’s mother speak for, “Why can’t they pick up after themselves they are taller than I am after all!”

So whose to say you can’t get inspiration for your real lives from a virtual one? Not this pisces!

Needless to say, I am finding that creating these scenes for virtuality is instilling a desire to do so in the real.

Can ‘living’ in Second Life affect your real life in a positive and uplifting way? But of course though, only we can determine that with the time we spend here.

Have a delicious Monday morning fellow lurkers and feel free to comment should you have any quips for a household full of madness.

*ARIA Veronica Foyer Set by Yelo Uriza | Sou –
[ARIA] Veronica Console Table
[ARIA] Veronica Round Pouf
[ARIA] Veronica Potted Narcissus Papyraceus
[ARIA] Veronica Decorative Mirror

*[ARIA] Savannah Chandelier | Uber SL
*[ARIA] Savannah Candle Holder| Uber SL

*[ARIA] Peridot modular seating system – piece A|B (will update when avail. in store)
*[ARIA] Peridot modular seating system – Table piece (will update when avail. in store)

*Aria & The Loft – Dakota glass orbs
*The Loft – Devon Pillow Top Bench Gray
*[ARIA] Signe potted narcissus papyraceus
*[ARIA] Signe Sectional Sofa Pieces (Throw and Pillows, modified from original)

Cheeky Pea Repurposed Rug | Shiny Shabby
Cheeky Pea Repurposed Collage Wall Upright | Shiny Shabby
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Bonsai Tree | Shiny Shabby
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Coffee Table Magazines | Shiny Shabby
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Potted Branches | Shiny Shabby
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Stack of Art Books | Shiny Shabby
[ zerkalo ] Black & White – Random Stuff | Shiny Shabby
[ zerkalo ] Black & White – Magazines & Beauty Products | Shiny Shabby

Kalopsia – Picture Stool (B/W New York)
Kalopsia – Picture Curtain (B/W New York)
The Loft – Pussy Willow
Apple Fall Design Books
=EliBaily= Bachelor Loft (not yet released in store)





  1. Bella Noir says

    Lovely one!
    Are the B&W pics on the right side part of the apartment/loft?
    Or the Cheeky pea collection?

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