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Sunday Sevensies Evening Edition; SLB12 Wrap Up

cozey@slb12 collage

As Second Life’s week long mother of birthday bashes comes to its second week (performances are now over, onto the viewing!) , I can’t help but smile at all the snapshots that were taken at my exhibit and ponder what went through the minds of each passerby as they read the poems. This whole week has definitely exceeded my expectations of ‘What Dreams May Come’.

For me, each of the displays are a visual extension if you will, of writings that have kept my altogetherness from falling apart. For everyone else, hopefully they at least enjoyed the particles heh. Here’s the slurl to Rooms of My Heart if you haven’t had a chance to visit.

SLB12 is not quite over yet as the sims will still be open for public viewing till July 5th. Tonight’s closing show however will start at 10pmSLT. You can view the timeline here.

(Video by Caitlin Tobias- Subsribe here!)

More SLB12 Performances and Talks reading for you:

And good news for hunters a la kings and queens, the SLB12 Big Hunt is still going on and will end this Saturday, July 4th! (all the hunters say yeahhh)

Goodbye MU

Medici University’s Spring semester will also be coming to a close and even though my physical (err I mean in the virtual pixelated sense?) was not always present during classes (attendance was always my downfall) or the many social gatherings, I was able to follow from afar, you could say.

Originally I enrolled in the Creative Writing course to explore and possibly produce some new works. Learners (as we call ourselves at MU), were able to create our own art or work studios and I was able to use my space quite often during the early morning hours after coming home from RL work. Sometimes to work on Cozey, and sometimes to work on my own things.

Astrid Rimbaud, who serves as our campus website associate editor, issued the A-Z Blog Challenge earlier in the year to which I submitted 26 raw snapshots of places, peoples, and things along with 26 words and ideas inspired by them.  If you’d like a tour of the campus I believe it is still open for a few more days.

(Video by Nariko Okawa)

I continue to be thoroughly inspired by all the submissions for the What Second Life Means to Me project. This latest work by Nariko Okawa is a testament to the power of the immersive experiences we have come to love about our Second Life (lives?). You can follow along and see more submissions at the SL community blog.

Thank you for stopping by tonight and if you’ve made it all the way down to the bottom of this post, here’s a 1000pts and free jelly shot. Hope to see you at tonight’s party at the Cake Stage!



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