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What Dreams May Come – SLB12 Starts Noon SLT June 21st-June 28th

Wooo howdy, the party’s about to start! Details after the jump!

You made it! And so here’s your very own first class ticket to the hottest party, the majorist of major events in Second Life! It’s so major in fact, the LINDENS are coming to town!

Who ever heard of birthday celebrants not coming to their own party anyway?

SLB12 promptly opens to the public (say that 10 times fast) at Noon SLT today and promises to be a party you party people will probably never porget!

This year, for like the first time in forever, I ‘get to’ participate as an exhibitor alongside the usual greeting/hosting/lurking/flag-and-hat giving duties and I’m really excited with how everything turned out.

I’ve created a page just for the exhibit here on CozeySL where you can find here or at the top of the website. You’ll find the back story, the purpose, the vision, the dream, the heartache, the blood sweat and tears. I’ll be including the SLURL at the bottom of this post as well.

One really cool thing about participating in these kinds of events is the camaraderie you feel with fellow residents. You really get a sense of belonging to something that is bigger than just your platform or photo studio. I find it quite poignant that the theme for this year’s celebration fits so perfectly with what I have been wanting to do for a long time.

OH and I made stuff! Well, okay not really, I textured them, that’s kinda like making stuff right?

CozeySL SLB12 Hunt Prizes!

I’m a sucker for a good t-shirt and so these are going to be in the SLB12 Hunt. You can click here for more information about it and be sure to enter!

I also put out a couple of gifts for the celebration as well, and they will be located at the gift parcels here and here.

CozeySL SLB12 Gifts!

Thanks for stopping by on your busy Sunday! I realize this isn’t my usual Sunday Sevensies bit, but I think once you get over to the Birthday sims, fair reader, you’ll not hesitate to jump right in 😉

TP to CozeySL Exhibit “Rooms of My Heart”

SLB12 Complete List of SLURLs

SLB12 Calendar/Performance Schedule!

Ads c/o Vertig0 Sands of V-Spot Male Fashion


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