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Of Porches and Patios


The grandeur of this cozey home lies in its southern porch and a pair of stairs welcoming even the wary to rest.


I have often wondered if I was missing anything without a covered porch or patio to add to my “home improvement bucket list”.. list.

In my living room, I have great huge picture windows that face the west, with an even huger cherry tree whose shade is most welcomed during Seattle afternoons. The sunsets are lovely, and the rain… well, there is beauty in rain.


Speaking of beauty, have you all had a chance to stop by Love to Decorate’s Event? Alongside the designer shops near the landing point, you’ll find a great cafe-style photo up, complete with props to give your shot that extra dose of realism.

I continue to have gorgeous results while using the Black Dragon viewer for pictures and the UI is starting to feel comfortable. Here’s a raw snap I took near that spot at LTD. Notice I finally catch a glimpse of the ever mind blowing ‘godrays’ this viewer is known for. (Also upped the Ambient Occlusion to the point of busting an eyeball, but it was worth it)

ltd raw

Try as I might, I cannot get these same raw snaps in other viewers.

A few days ago, I posted a mini chart of sorts, documenting my user experience with viewers that I use often and stated how each viewer’s Ambient Occlusion differed.  NiranV Dean was nice enough to give a quick run down on AO, in the comment section of that post. 

Ambient Occlusion for me is an integral part of capturing 3D images. During the first year of Cozey, I tended to snap without it and never saw a need, until one day when I dared to check that box, and the whole world changed. So, if you have the patience, time and equipment, I encourage you to turn this feature on and see what a difference it can make. The Black Dragon viewer has since had another update and you can see the changelog here. 

Thanks for stopping by at whatever time of day it is where you are. You can find the official Love to Decorate The Event catalog at their website, as well as the LTD Facebook Page and Flickr Group. 


These items can be found at Love to Decorate ‘The Event’ from till June 24th!

*Culprit Lafayette Shotgun House by Eku Zhong | Love to Decorate The Event
*The Little Branch Orange and Yellow Poppies by Cari McKeenan | Love to Decorate The Event
*tarte. hanging rope lights by Alessandra Ambrosio | Love to Decorate The Event
*tarte. hanging twig light by Alessandra Ambrosio | Love to Decorate The Event

Other Credited Items:
Stormwood ~ Cobblestone Floors
Polenth’s Mushporium Meadow Grass
meadowWorks Endless Summer Closed Gentian
Mesh Plants Hanging Ivy
Mesh Hanging Ferns by TranquilMoonDancer Timeless
*Funky*Junk* Trellis Planter with Ivy & Flowers
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Terracotta Flowerpot
cinphul ASBMF Washtub
barnesworth Anubis White Garden Fence
{what next} Bramley Rocking Chair
Alouette – Basil Seedlings
Alouette – Basil Plant – Potted
LISP – Mathilde Chandelier
Hayabusa Design Elegant Tree
The Little Branch Bradford Pear Tree



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