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The View from Harvard

I'm in my mind place

“I’m going to my mind palace.”   

And I’ll be lucky if I get to sit down on anything once I’m there. For the moment, at any rate, let’s pretend I did.

Here you’ll find a few pieces from N4RS’ Harvard set currently featured at LTD’s Event as well as Design Junction’s quirky little bicycle table which is available at On9. I‘ve included both LTD’s and On9’s catalogs at the end of this post for your weekend shopping needies.

I spent some time earlier this evening  last night, fiddling with the Black Dragon viewer again.  I mentioned some of my thoughts in the comment section of my last post, to  fellow blogging buddy, Ever Afterr.

Here is the raw shot that I’ve also posted to my feed at  my.secondlife.com:


Post processing edits included brighten/contrasting and just a smidgen of diffuse glow. Usually I go bonkers with texture overlays and blending modes, but truly, the raw shots I am taking through Black Dragon, have no need of editing.

With that said here are the four viewers I use regularly; the blue text representing my uh, thumbs up you could say, and the red text for ‘why does it hate me so much?!’ 

tables againnn

Of course, not all machines are created equally, so I can only share what my experiences are with either of these viewers on what I do own:

Cozey Laptop Specs: 

  • Intel Core I7-4700HQ 2.4 GHz Processor 
  • 8 GB DDR3 RAM
  • NVIDIA GTX-860M 2GB (Maxwell) (new architecture, clocks a mite faster than Kepler)
  • Max Screen resolution 1920×1080  (but it is a touchscreen and the display sucks ass.. guess they had to save money somewhere for that touch, ahh)
  • I get about 40-50 FPS on the days when my teenagers aren’t home

Internet Info:

Internet Speed

I offer no coherent technical advise or opinion or much of anything because obviously, I ain’t no expert ehem. This is just your average Second Life resident, who likes taking snapshots and using the best tools there are out there to take them.

The last update to both the official viewer and Firestorm have been causing unexplained latency on my end so I’ve since downgraded to previous versions. After researching insane amounts of forum posts, blog post comments, resident reviews and the like, I am still at a loss. You can see across my haphazard table, that I basically have the same issues across the board.

OR, there are gremlins in the pipelines. ORRR, its not me, its not the viewer, but something else entirely. Like HUGE gremlins.

For the foreseeable future, I plan to continue my viewer hopping. Its kind of like having shoes for different purposes, you could say. The Black Dragon viewer just happens to be my new Prada. 

Thanks for stopping by on your busy Friday, and for being patient through all the non tech babble. Do peruse the credits for information about the items featured in the images today.

If you have any suggestions, comments, questions, jokes, recipes.. please come in and have some tea.. we’ll ruminate!

Love to Decorate ‘The Event’ Catalog

On9 June 2015 Catalog

*N4RS Harvard Sofa | Love To Decorate The Event
*N4RS Harvard Persian Rug | Love To Decorate The Event
*N4RS Harvard Frame – KoC | Love To Decorate The Event
*N4RSHarvard Frame – QoS | Love To Decorate The Event
*Design Junction – Mesh Bicycle Rack & Table | On9

Kalopsia – Spider Endtable
Kalopsia – Armchair Black
Kalopsia – Fallen vase
Kalopsia – Burned Letters
Kalopsia – Lamp
Kalopsia – Rug
Dysfunctional Designs Hanging Candles
Dysfunctional DesignsFancy Squared Tent
LAQ Decor ~ Brown – Glass Cabinet
Ravenghost Victorian Gas Pendant Luminaire
Ravenghost Steaminator Fireplace

Further reading sources:






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  2. Awww, thank you so much for the shout-out, Wendz! ❤

    THIS is what I call a fantastic viewer round-up / review! So great to see them all compared like that, super helpful. You had me at "sun rays"! /me scampers off to download Black Dragon

    One thing I became aware of though: I'm demoing the Maitreya Lara body, and in reading through the notecard it mentioned that we should turn *off* ambient occlusion to help with the rendering of neck seams. And this was totally the case for me; once I turned off AO I got a much better result with neck blending (I don't use a mesh head). Have you found this to be the case for yourself, or do you generally keep AO on without issue?

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    • NiranV Dean says

      A content creator recommending you to throttle down your graphic settings to make his broken content appear right? This almost makes me speechless. Ever, do not turn off AO, just don’t, why should you cripple your graphics for content that the creator did not manage to create properly to work with all available graphic options (Ambient Occlusion is available in pretty much any game as of today). Instead, tell the content creator what a lousy creator he is if he doesn’t manage to get that working!


      • Hi NiranV! I wish I could say I understood how AO works and what its limitations are; however following the suggestion in the creator’s notecard did provide a better result visually where the neck blending is concerned. I know that many love their Maitreya mesh bodies and I believe they’re considered to be very high quality and as good as one can get these days. Maybe it’s just a limitation of the materials or similar? I really can’t speak with authority on it as mesh is still all very new to me. 🙂

        And I just realized that you’re the Black Dragon developer! Very nice to meet you, looking forward to trying your TPV!

        Liked by 1 person

      • NiranV Dean says

        Furthermore, why should you disable a feature that works perfectly fine and was tweaked and finetuned with so much love to get it right just to be disabled and never seen again?

        Ambient Occlusion not only disables Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO, those slight dark corners you see around edges and in corners to make objects look more realistic and plastic) it also disables shadow softening, making shadows appear pixelated.

        Here’s an example for shadow smoothing.
        Ambient Occlusion on

        Ambient Occlusion off

        If you look closely you can see SSAO (slight darkening) on trees and the stairs vanishing as well.

        Just my 4cents

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  4. NiranV Dean says

    It is definitely not a limitation of the rendering itself. If at all, SSAO should make the transition better, not worse. That is just an indication of a low quality product. Do not let others manipulate the way you critically investigate something. Most of these people claiming that these meshes (especially human mesh ones) are usually normal every day people who have no idea what they are talking about, they don’t even know what AO is actually for, they probably don’t even see a difference between on/off even thought it should be right in your face that shadows suddenly become pixelated instead of smoothened. I’m not sure if you’ve read my blog recently but i’ve been writing a post about bad content, this example is what i would consider bad content as well. It forces you to turn off a major graphic setting to look good. That’s like saying hey if you want my mesh body to look good, disable shadows because shadows look buggy on it. Then my mesh is simply broken and bad, i as content creator have to make sure that issues like this don’t happen, i can’t just say “hey disable a major graphical feature”.

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