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Try a little Tenderness

Try a little Tenderness with Zerkalo for LTD

Do click on the image for better resolution ♥

Try a little ‘Tenderness’ under the stars and candlelit warmth of Zerkalo’s exclusive bedroom set for Love to Decorate ‘The Event’.

Zerkalo’s Tenderness set includes 4 pieces, i.e, the canopy, hanging picture frames, side table and bed, which also is available in a lighter ‘snow’ coloured theme.

Do visit the official LTD Event webpage for more information.


*TP to LTD Event:

*Zerkalo’s Tenderness Bedroom Set by Daniel Estro | Love to Decorate Event

[ zerkalo ] Tenderness Bed Floral
[ zerkalo ] Tenderness Canopy
[ zerkalo ] Tenderness Frames
[ zerkalo ] Tenderness Bedside Table

Other Credited Items:
[ zerkalo ] Pile of books 1,3
Kalopsia – Hanging Stars
PILOT – Romantic Candlesticks
Apple Fall Dolly Piano
8f8 – primavera in Toscana Bucket of Roses
Kuro – String lights curtain
Alouette – Getaway Rug ♥
=EliBaily= Bachelor Loft_Light
.:revival:. candleholder


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