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Exclusive Summer Gown by NyuNyu Kimono for On9

Path laid bare

NyuNyu Kimono, is quite the virtual seamstress, presenting us with a delicate summer gown that is so versatile, it may very well be the only ‘dress’ you’ll ever need for the season.

Bold statements Bumble! You bet they are 🙂 I was speaking to Mei last night and she had mentioned how the rigging was darn near to perfect and without sounding too much of a fangirl, I tend to agree.

For all the demos of myriad brands, types of templates/original mesh apparel I have ever tried on I’ve noticed that designers are improving daily with rigging as opposed to the early days of mesh integration.

While fitted mesh seems to be the wave of the future, I still applaud creators for offering the standards sizes, and let’s face it, designers are in no way obligated to us as shoppers or bloggers. We’re a lucky lot, for they work tirelessly to bring us virtual goods.


Last Saturday, while researching for the neckline/necklace guide, I came across a hairstyle for necklines ‘guide’ that I thought was equally as helpful. Yes, yes, laugh at the fashionoobie, but I love these types of guide….things, and maybe you might know someone who does too.

Click Image for source

NYU’s Summer Dress exclusive comes in several floral patterns as well as 5 solid colours. They are available in the 5 standard sizes and will be featured at On9’s June cycle which opens in less than 12 hours.

NYU Summer Dresses Floral Prints

NYU’s Summer Floral Dresses in Gold, Pink, Green, White, Blue patterns

NYU Summer Dresses Solid Colors

NYU Summer Dresses in Blue, Scarlet, Black, Beige, Violet

Do be sure to try on all demos and remember that there will be one colour that is discounted to 20%, for the time of the event.

You can also join the On9 Fan Club directly through your viewer here or simply click on the subscriber near the landing point to receive updates and information.

Have a terrific Second Life afternoon ❤

*Dress: NYU Summer Gown Floral White by NyuNyu Kimono | On9 Opens @ Midnight!

Look 1

Hair: Elua Iola
Jewelry: RealEvil Anya’s Pearl Bracelet and Earrings
Hands: Slink Mesh Relaxed Hands
Pose: !bang Carefree
Location: Wintermoon

Look 2

*Dress: NYU Summer Gown Blue by NyuNyu Kimono | On 9 @ Midnight tonight!
*Rings: Meva Rings Set (for Maitreya Hands) by Mea Carnell | On9 @ Midnight tonight!
Hair: MINA Myrtle | Shiny Shabby
Head: Genesis Labs Lilith Mesh Head
Pose: Everglow Comfy08
Location: The Sable Club


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