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Sunday Sevensies: Cozey Home Essentials

Sunday Sevensies What kind of 'Shabby' are you

Whether you prefer English Cottage, French country or granny chic, having great pieces and some essentials will get you into the Cozey mood your Sunday truly deserves.

When I look at this scene, I feel like like I am looking at a picture of myself in a way. Soft feminine touches, dilapidated decor, worn out wood.

Mind you, I do not hold a candle to the talented pool of home and garden decorators we have in Second Life. But when the bug hits me, there are a few things I like to add to each scene:

1. Greenery, ‘live’ things: Ivy (always the ivy!), plants, flowers in vases/bottles/whatever, trees, grass, and shrubs! And even more trees!

2. Curtains: I’m always on the look out for drapery of any material, linen, chiffon, lace, heavy canvas, beads even.

3. Garlands: Vertical hanging works of art on twine…on string, heck on dental floss if you have some.

4.  Rugs: You know how we have a thing for shoes? I also have a thing for rugs, and not just the ones that offer animations either.

5. Chandeliers: I rarely use lighting in my shots, but chandeliers/lighting fixtures help me to pull in my focus from the sides, seeing that I sort of take pictures in a dead pan kind of angle.

6. ‘Corner Clutter’: Tacky wording for sure. These are the fillers, the pretties, the bits and pieces that ‘fit into a corner’ i.e, candles, books, baskets, a sleeping kitten?

7. Signage: This is something I am actually in the process of collecting in world, so if you have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment in the box below.

Whichever style you frequent, Shabby Chic, Modern Contemporary, Industrial Rustic, Traditional or Classical, I find that having an ‘essentials’ type of list helps with the overall look and flow of a room. And when it gets to be too much, minimalism is always a nice vacation!

Thanks for dropping by today. I’ve listed the photo credits below so feel free to ping me if there’s anything I’ve missed.

These items will be available @ On9, June 9th to 28th

*Shutterfield messy day bed
*Serenity Style- Stars Cabinet
*Serenity Style– Stars Wood Puf
*Serenity Style- Stars Vase
*Serenity Style- Stars Basket

Other Credited items

*[ARIA] Signe bleached canvas rug
Breno Pride Board (gift)
junk. picture doors. | Arcade June Gacha Event
cinphul  [Lace 2] gacha | Shiny Shabby
cinphul [Garden Decor 1] gacha | Shiny Shabby
Apple Fall Shauna’s Chair gacha
Lark – Vintage Dress Form
tarte. potting shed RARE | Past Arcade
Garden of Dreams Hanging Ivy
8f8 – Dream Catcher Chandelier



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