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Access your Eyes with Bens Beauty

Bens Beauty will be featuring The Desire collar this coming Tuesday the 9th at On9. 

The collar comes in 6 color/sets that are re sizable and if you peek hard enough, there will be one set that is discounted.

I had a bit of trouble positioning my uber cool, trusty LumiPro lighting system so that the glare wouldn’t engulf my collar in the shot. I actually wanted the light to illuminate her face just to the left so it ‘looked’ like it came from the Verelis Staff. Alas my editing techniques are wanting fellow lurker, and so pardon, but I added the vendor ad here. (Tacky I know, sorry 😦 )

It’s a bold piece nonetheless and so versatile for even the daintiest of necklines. Speaking of necklines, I found this neat neckline guide of sorts on Pinterest that has been a huge help to me:

See in my first life, I am so fashion backwards with the standard yoga pants and hoodie/sneaker ‘do’, my daughters accuse me of lying to the public, “Mom you don’t even DO yoga!”

And that’s sort of why I birthed CozeySL in the first place. Features like Learning to Style and Access Your Eyes helped me hone in at least some semblance of personal style. Trends may come and go, but style is forever….so I paraphrased so wha..

Thankfully, we are all a part of a supportive community here in the Second Life blogosphere, even with our lighting systems go mad.

Do be sure to bookmark the On9 website for the June catalog, or simply like us on Facebook. Have a terrific Saturday afternoon!

*Hair: No Match’ No Shelter | On9 Coming June 9
*Collar: Bens Beauty – Desire Collar Gold | On9 Coming June 9
Dress: The Library Grendel Dress
Ears: Mandala Steking Mesh Ears Season 5
*Eyes: Ikon Charm Eyes Coffee
Head: Genesis Lab’ Blanca 2.0
Accessory: .Enfant Terrible. Verelis Dragonfly Hair Gift
Staff: .Enfant Terrible. Verelis Staff Gold

Scene Propage:
Garden of Dreams Hanging Ivy
Kalopsia Fancy Gazebo
Mesh Plants Hanging Ivy

LumiPro 3.41





  1. Oh that’s a wonderful infographic! I can never figure out accessories myself; rarely wear them in the RL and aren’t yoga pants just the best (for everything that does not include yoga)? I won’t tell if you don’t! ^_^

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