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Summer looks, summer hooks

Summer Looks and Summer hooks

You’ve made it to Friday and you’ve awaken to clear skies and fair weather! Summer’s looking boldly into your face dear reader, what are you going to do?
I’ve compiled my Summer 2015 bucket list like the crazy saintly mother I am (hah) and shared it with my brooding offspring earlier this week. Goals that might seem lofty but hey a gal can dream?!

1. Learn to make awesome brioche. (Snack healthier none of this Nutella nonsense)

2.  Grow something in the garden, anything! Anything but weeds. (I’ve got a lily plant that is blossoming, it may just die tonight who knows)

yes that is mine and I've named her Miracle, because it'll be a miracle if it lives.

yes that is mine and I’ve named her Miracle, because it’ll be a miracle if she lives.

3. Take a brisk walk 2  1 times a week  when there is a 2 for 1 Slurpee special.

4. Tackle, hold down, and conquer Photoshop CS 6. I have it, I look at it sometimes and smile, speaking soft and soothing words, but then I accidently throw water on it and it gremlifies!

“Y’know they’re still shippin’ them over here. They put ’em in cars, they put ’em in yer TV. They put ’em in stereos and those little radios you stick in your ears. They even put ’em in watches, they have teeny gremlins for our watches!!”Murray Futterman

5. Learn to texture mesh content in Second Life. This will hurt, especially since I can’t number 4 just yet.


Pretty straight forward goals I think, nothing too strenuous.  Do peruse the credits for more information about the items/designs used in today’s photos. Tarte’s Indian Summer gacha items can be won at The Arcade Gacha Event, while SySy’s Summertime dress, Iconic’s Vaska Hair and Amitie’s Fresh Pose pack will  all be featured at On9 this coming June the 9th.

So fellow lurker, what are your plans for the summer? Tell me in the magical box below!

*Dress: SYSY’s Summertime Dress | On9 Coming June 9th
*Hair: Iconic Vaska | On9 Coming June 9th
*Pose: Amitie Fresh #10 | On9 Coming June 9th
Glasses: Izzie’s Gentleman’s Sunglasses
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer Flower Heart Long
Skin: Zoul Creation’s Gina #3
Tattoo: Letis Tattoo Andrasteia (Maitreya Mesh Body Applier)
Septum: Arise Swirl
Body: Maitreya Lara v.3.3

These items are available @ The Arcade Gacha Event for the month of June

*tarte. folding chair (yellow)
*tarte. folding chair (blue)
*tarte. sunflowers (yellow)
*tarte. sunflowers (white)
*tarte. fishing lantern (aqua)

*tarte. potting shed RARE | Past Arcade

Other Credits:

~*Garden Of Dreams*~ Hanging Ivy
[we’re CLOSED] trees Spring
[we’re CLOSED]grass field green
[we’re CLOSED] shrub spring
Little Branch_Sunflowers_Cluster

Windlight: Annan Adored Noble Goes Dutch III
Tools: LumiPro 3.41




  1. purplebutterflylykin says

    Being Winter here I’ll give you my goals list for this season, which given freezing temperatures means ALL indoor activities.

    With a reduced work load for university this coming semester and the last six months before my little boy ventures off to “big” school we plan to disappear into my craft room and create with paints, inks, stamps and pretty glittery things twice a week. Also as he loves to cook we are going to complete a few of those cake and bread recipes from my overflowing Pinterest board. Lastly there is a pile of books which look longingly at me so maybe we might get one or two of those done before the weather starts to warm up again and its safe to peek outdoors.

    BTW I love Brioche so when you find the perfect recipe don’t forget to share!!!

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