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Method to Madness

sick of the chase

While you keep running your ship aground, I will be setting myself alight

There is a method to the madness and behind the curtains of a shadowy figure, she bumbles to and fro as if the very hounds of procrastination nip at her heels.

Alright, you got me, I am the shadowy figure and yes I bumble, but procrastination is not my hound’s name and I’ve just finished escaping the icy frigid unforgiving North with the rest of this fandom so you’ll have to forgive all of the babble.

Last Friday, I posted Cozey’s first giveaway to celebrate my 5th Rez Day in Second Life and your kind comments really made my day, thank you for that. I went ahead and added all the names of those of you who answered and here were the results (9pmSLT for me)

Giveaway 1

Congratulations Janey and Paypabak and I hope you enjoy the shopping! Thank you everyone who participated, as I wasn’t sure if this was something (giveaways) I wanted to do more of here. Giveaways are fun to do, and I love being able to share great designs through them, once in a while.

Thank you for stopping by on your busy Monday morning and do be sure to check out the credits for all the fashiony stuff. The region I took the shot in is a veritable and visual smorgasbord, so if you haven’t already, do take a tour of the End of the World. There is a group joiner at the sim entrance if you would like to have temporary rez permissions.

*Dress: NYU – Two-Piece Bodycon by NyuNyu Kimono for FaMESHed (now open for June)
*Shoes: Essenz’ Malibu (Slink Highs) by Senzati0n Domenitzo | New @ Mainstore
Hair: Magika Restless | New @ Mainstore
Bracelet: RealEvil ReVoX M5
Pose: Del May’s Wishful Thinking
Location: End of the World as we know it


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