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The Company of Women

 “I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass.” – Maya Angelou

This round of Uber is proving to be quite the pot of poshness. ARIA is featuring their Deva mini living room set with several pieces; wall hangings, lotus ‘votive’ ish candles (they’re brilliantly designed) and side tables that look like they came right out of Westeros!

The Sundara Villa is available at Uber as well, and while you can’t really see the entrance in my pictures here is the actual vendor pic to give you an idea of what the front looks like.

If you notice, the window frame corner dealeos give the build a nice flair in my opinion. And double doors with window grids? Very nice, and very Cozey.

Alas, I did have my choice in company today, bless him, and he is a fine and worthy suitor doncha’ think?

Thanks for stopping by on what we now have come to know as Restart Tuesdays.

Maybe it’d be an opportune time to ‘restart’ that living room and give it a spicy lift? Just a thought.

*ARIA Deva Living Mini Set | Uber
[ARIA] Deva canvas rug
[ARIA] Deva hanging tapestry
[ARIA] Deva lotus candle holder
[ARIA] Deva side table
[ARIA] Deva two sitter sofa

*The Den Sundara Villa | Uber

Other credited furnishings/deco

Kalopsia – Hanging Stars
Kalopsia – Hanging Drapes
Kalopsia – Terrarium Pot
tarte. twinkle tree
tarte. wine light
tarte. boho wall art
Apple Fall Banana Tree
The Loft – Glass CandleHolder
junk. feather mobile.
Souzou Eien Fae Orbs
Soy. Beaded curtain
Soy. Shisha
Dysfunctional Dolly Designs Ivy RFL edition
*[ARIA] Willa potted Phormium
*[ARIA] Thea potted Cactus
*[ARIA] Willa potted Aspidistra plant

Fashion Credits:

On Wendz
Hair: Truth Ishya with bangs | Uber
Top: miss chelsea Handkerchief Top Patterned (for Maitreya Mesh Body) | Uber
Jeans: Blueberry Rolled Cuff Jeans (for Maitreya Mesh Body)
Tattoo: AITUI’s Vintage Hawaii
*Bracelet: RealEvil Revox Raven Bracelet
Tabou Irresistable Lil Flower Septum
Ears: RealEvil Revox E2 Mesh Ears
Head: Genesis_Head_Lilith_2.0
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.3

On V
Hair: Soonsiki Ganj
Top: V-Spot Hot Dots Open Shirt
Shorts: V-Spot Beachin’ Baggy Shorts


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