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Sunday Sevensies Op-Ed: Arrival at the Capitol

There is no fanfare, there are no triumphant cheers, nor jubilant faces when you arrive at the Capitol.

Fashion blogging; two words that have conjured feelings of abject horror and thrill. The kind of thrill you feel when something wonderful or terrible is about to happen.

When CozeySL was in its infancy, fashion blogging was THE hottest fashion trend, in both lives. Personal style blogs paraded across my screen in an endless scroll and I longed to be a part of it, mind, body and pocket book.

My idea of arriving at the ‘Capitol’ would be akin to being invited perhaps to a Second Life Fashion Show, maybe. Or to some famous’ SL celebrity’s Rez Day bash.

I remember the first time I met the owners of L’accessoires’, all accomplished virtual fashion models in their own right, and thinking, “What is my frumpy ole’ ass self, doing here?!” They welcomed me into the group regardless of my body slider preferences and I learned that day, that the people in my fantasy ‘Capitol’, are just residents, like myself, creating and making Second Life their own.

Still there are days where I question whether the validity of labels, titles and whatnot, in a Virtual multi user environment, matter? Or at least does it matter to me?

This year, I have noticed an almost awakening across the grid, as to how valuable a tool blogging can be for content makers, for event promoters and for just about everything else. The titles do not matter anymore it seems. Only that the content is shared and marketed in whatever manner or form; social media, group notices, syndicated feeds, etc.

Fashion blogging; Trend? Standard? Commonplace? or the norm? These questions are what drive me to solidify a definite path of where I feel Cozey should be.

However manner we as residents make an impact in our Second Lives, I am sure that with a little bit of elbow grease and a determination to ‘stand out’, fashion blogging will continue to be relevant both to the residents of the Capitol and to the rest of us.



booN DIS379 hair black | New!
booN cornrows hairbase A black
*No.7 Warrior Tiger Mask | On9
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.3
Glam Affair – Essential WIngs Bronzed


*[sYs] CAPITOL Outfit by Syane Cisse | Available @ My Attic
[sYs] CAPITOL top (Maitreya body) – black
[sYs] CAPITOL skirt (Maitreya body) – leather black
[sYs] CAPITOL collar (unrigged mesh) – leather black

*MiWardrobe-Pensamiento-Headpiece- Blue
Zibska’s Wrona Headpiece
Tabou Irresistible Flower Septum
Analog Dog #42 Hair
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.3
Genesis_Head_Lilith_2.0 (w/ Rock Eyeliner Appliers; Gothic Lipstick Appliers sold separately)
Ugly and Beautiful’s Ungodly Halo Silver
Wimey: Branching Out Cuff Hematite
Dead Apples Striking Eyes – Rain
Del May’s Really? Pose






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