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Sounds, Sunshine, and somethin’ else

I wake up in the morning it’s six o’clock, they say there may be rain but the sun is hot.
I wish I had some time just to kill today and I wish I had a dime for every bill I’ve got to pay,

I wanna go where the summer never ends
With my guitar on the beach there with all my friends
The suns so hot and the waves in motion
And everything smells like sun tan lotion

They say that miracles are never seizing
And every single soul needs a little releasing
The stereo bumpin’ ’til the sun goes down
And I only wanna hear that sound

That’s the sound of sunshine coming down..

Summer’s just around the corner and I am fully prepared to get me some o dat liquid sunshine. In the meantime, check out these latest designs from sYs for Shiny Shabby, a Cozey little desk set from Shutterfield from On9 and a few choice furnishings from 6th Republic.

Ohhh and if you’re looking to add some great standalone poses to your collection do check out Sari-Sari’s pack at Kustom9 this month!

I’m currently following a Twitter trend where I got the idea for the blog title today; #DescribeYourselfin3words, and I chose Sounds, Sunshine and something (else) lol.

I often follow whatever is trending on Twitter to grab ideas for blog articles or ideas for scenes and such, so if you’re ever looking to get past that ole’ writer’s block malady, this is just one tool that I’ve found helpful in the past.

Have a great midweek blog-scroll till next time ♥

*Bag: [sYs] CABA bag | Shiny Shabby Now Open!
*Shoes: [sYs] TREK sandals | Shiny Shabby Now Open!
*Socks: [sYs] TREK socks (Maitreya Mesh Feet) | Shiny Shabby Now Open!
Glasses: Redgrave Gunshot sunglasses
Earphones: Remarkable Oblivion Neon Dream Headphones | FaMESHed
Top: Blueberry Knotted Shirts
Shorts: Emporium Cut Denim Shorts
Hair: Analog Dog Timbre
Head: Genesis Lab’s Blanca v2.0 | Cosmetic Fair
Body: Maitreya Lara v. 3.3
*Poses: Sari-Sari Feminine Pose K3, K4 | Kustom9

These items are available @ On9

*Shutterfield entry table – shabby white
*Shutterfield basket of pillows v2
*Shutterfield mail tray – shabby
*Shutterfield stack of 2 books – light
*Shutterfield jar of pink poppies

This item is available @ Kustom9

*tarte. ladder light | Kustom9

These items are available @ 6th Republic

*tarte. garden tree
*Fancy Decor: Escape Shelf
*.:revival:. tube lamp
*PILOT -Pillow Coffee
*PILOT -Pillow Crown
*{theosophy} Blaenavon Couch
*~BAZAR~Stockholm Bedroom

Other credited deco

MudHoney Grafik Rug
[ keke ] glass vase w magnolias
[ keke ] peons – red
Soy. Vintage lace curtain



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