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Sunday Sevensies Early Morning Edition

Good early morning or late afternoon depending on your taste. Welcome to yet another, Sunday Sevensies. Think of this as your Sunday morning newspaper edition. Only fluffier.

Yesterday I was able to read through an excellent piece at SL Blogger Support that has me excited about blogging paperwork all over again.

One of the tips shared was the use of keywords in bullets to better help with Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

This is something I ‘used to’ do for Sunday Sevensies; seven actual things|keywords in a bullet list. Maybe its time to get out of the used to’s and start moving forward again.

So without further a doodad, here are your Cozey Sunday Sevensies for Week 20 of 2015 in under 550 words (hopefully):

  • 6th Republic is an ‘Industrial’ themed Home and Garden sales event that has taken my personal tastes in decor to a whole new level. I still love the shabby chic, overgrown garden, chipped china tea cup part of decorating. But this event has brought out my inner steampunkiness. Visit the official weblog for all the information you needeth.
  • The Mesh Head revolution has finally arrived at CozeySL. And the winner of this epic tug of war goes to Genesis Labs. Truth be told, my partner encouraged me to take a step forward and into the throng of meshiness. More about this later..
  • I indulged and finally invested in Maitreya’s Lara mesh body after hemming and hawing over the amount I spent on Physique and Venus. Both are still viable and gorgeous, but I tend to agree with 90% of you all that Lara is superb.
  • I have got to stop these 3am things and write at a more godly hour. What time of day do you prefer working on a post?
  • In response to a recently published article by a fellow Second Life blogger, this week’s Drax Files’ Radio show with Jo Yardley, reiterated the need for the media to be objective, truthful, fair, and above all positive in there coverage of Second Life. Do check it out!
  • Blogging Second Life whatever takes time, patience, and a strong support group. SL Blogger Support’s got your back! Here is the latest article by Canary Beck, “The Second Life Bloggers Quick and Easy Guide to SEO”It is a guide, so take it in bytes and find somewhere to sit for goodness sakes.
  • It is now 3:15am, Sunday morning Pacific Standard time, and my iced green tea with 7 pumps of sub classic has officially run out of my system. Have a wonderful Sunday and even better week fellow lurker. Thanks for stopping by ❤

*tarte. ladder light | Kustom9 Now open!

The following items can be found at 6th Republic’s Industrial Event for the Month of May

TP: 6th Republic SL

*8f8 – Dreamer’s Box – Dreamer’s Container 
*8f8 – Dreamer’s Box – Flock of Lights
*8f8 – Dreamers’s Box – Dandelion Lights
*Soy. Aircraft propeller sculpture [black]
*[NO CONCEPT] drum table(copy)
*[NO CONCEPT] vintage iron high stool(copy)
*Ariskea [Astronome] The plant
*Deathrow Designs – Industrial wineholder
*Deathrow Designs Industrial standing lamp
*[Brixley] studded frame
*PILOT – Hermes Sofa
*PILOT -Pillow Heart
*PILOT -Pillow Key

Other items:

dust bunny & windsong . paper butterflies
Ravenghost Interiors SteamPunk Chandelier
NOMAD // Wall Planetarium



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