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Happy Ending

There’s something about the colour purple that leaves me feeling assured, wholly confident in whatever state of mind I am in.

It may be psychology’s best trick ever or just a deeper longing to overcome my own demons of insecurity for my eventual happy ending.

Regardless, it is my favourite shade of Bumble. So PB, if you’re reading this, you could say I am a PurpleBumbleBee to your PurpleButterfly lol.

Today will mark the half way point for On9, where you can find just about everything you need for your daily styling; hair, shoes, accessories, apparel, even furniture if you’re brave.

Do scroll through the credits or visit the On9 website for more information.

This morning I was able to listen to The Drax Files Radio hour with Jo Yardley and this particular show drew me in for the Minecraft factor, obviously.

If you have been reading my blog for sometime, you might know that Minecraft has a special place in my virtual life. The 2nd interviewee in the show is a teacher in Germany who utilizes Minecraft in his science classroom as a platform for learning. And by the way, Drax also produced a segment last year featuring virtual campuses and classrooms using the Second Life platform which I thought was equally awesome.

I’ve included the links to both shows at the bottom of this article, so if you happen to be waiting in line for the movies, or maybe waiting to pick up your teens from the prom, just grab your mobile device (forget the data stashing) and tune in. OR you could do so here: Drax Files Radio Hour Show #68

And watch here Drax’ World Makers Episode 19: Virtual Chemistry

One of the things I appreciate about Drax, is his positive reporting of Second Life which I hope to someday emulate here at CozeySL. I mean, the fashiony stuff is fun and great and yes pretty!

And yet there is so much more. Having three teenagers who grew up on Minecraft, they now have a strong science (applied and theory) base and are excelling in this subject in high school (NO JOKE). Our school district is one of the lucky ones here in Seattle, in that they encourage learning in virtual classrooms and yes, even in Minecraft.

By having sources like Drax’ World Makers series or bloggers like Strawberry Singh, Ziki Questi, Canary Beck, Caitlyn Tobias, Inara Pey, share the positives of Second Life, I am able to show them this platform’s relevancy.

And that to me, is a very very happy ending. (Or beginning!)

Cheers to your week’end’ fellow lurkers ♥

*Hat: chocolate atelier Oceane *Dots_Black* | On9
*Jewelry: Zibska’s Anwyn Necklace and Earrings| On9
*Dress: NYU – Anne Dress| On9
Hair: Analog Dog Sola
Mesh Head: Genesis_Head_Lilith_2.0 | Dark Style Fair
Piercing: .ARISE. Swirl Septum / Black | Dark Style Fair
Accessories: .Enfant Terrible. Frozen heart Gacha wings
*Pose: Sari-Sari Feminine K5 | Kustom9
Location: Storybrooke




  1. To slightly paraphrase Dwight Schrute from “The Office”: “Second Life is a NOT a platform, it is a multi-user virtual environment…..” = thxxx for the kind words & so happy you enjoy the show 🙂

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