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6th Republic opens 5/6 @ NoonSLT

At noonSLT  today, 6th Republic will (or has at the time of this post) open, so all ye who hold the power of the decorating bug in your hands or just want all the stuff, be prepared for a mind blowing shopping extravaganza! There are gachas, builds, exclusive items for sale and did I mention all the stuff? 

Yes here at CozeySL, materialism and the appreciation there-of is welcomed, even encouraged! (For a limited time only, no refunds, no exchanges except in the rare case you blame me for sharing all the stuff. In that case I’ll brew a pot of tea and we can talk about how we just love all of eeeiiittt.)

6th Republic will run till May 27th. For more information do visit their website , and also check out the Flickr Group to see.. all the stuff!!

All furnishings credited (w/ some exceptions) are available at 6th Republic, May 6th till May 27th 

(If you have any questions feel free to IM me inworld or comment below)

TAXI Servicehttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Black%20Veil/119/126/25

*tarte. patio pallet sofa
*tarte. patio pallet chair
*tarte. patio pallet coffee table
*tarte. garden tree (R)

*MudHoney Felix Frames
*MudHoneyFelix Cabinet – Beech
*MudHoney Felix Mirror
*MudHoney Felix Chair – Espresso
*MudHoney Felix Candle 1
*MudHoney Felix Candle 2

*.:revival:. rock sign floor
*.:revival:. book pile leather brown
*.:revival:. clock leaning
*.:revival:.linen lantern II white
*.:revival:. linen lantern II brown
*.:revival:. bell jar

*Fancy Decor: Gears Bookend
*Fancy Decor: Rusty Gear 2
*Fancy Decor:Coasters
*Fancy Decor: Ladder Light (weathered)

* SORGO – Rusty Lamp / CREME
* SORGO – Old Calculator / WOOD

*=Eli Baily= Bletchley Typewriter_Ash

*BALACLAVA!! Camden Extra Pipe U
*BALACLAVA!! Camden Room Divider U (Chiffon)

*Scarlet Creative Arialle Converted Loft

Other credits:
Kalopsia – Terrarium Pot (Tall)
Kalopsia – Terrarium Pot (Short)
Little Branch_Amoena1_Potted_A
floorplan. the fossil elk
junk. plant stand.
.:revival:. book pile 2
Alouette – Getaway Rug
Little Branch_Amoena1_Potted_C





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