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Sunday Sevensies- 6º Republic

So if you’re a prevalent social media lurker like I am, you may have seen a healthy amount of advertising for the upcoming Home and Garden event,  6º Republic. 

The clever minds behind this operation are the folks behind WeDecorateSL(WithPassion). This inaugural month begins on May 6th next Wednesday and will run till the 27th. The next round comes again in November.


The theme for May centers around industrial decor, so it was actually challenging for me to step out of yesterday’s ‘shabby, hipster, cozey, overgrown garden mood’, and onto a whole new side of the color spectrum. I did have fun incorporating furniture I had with a darker grittier taste. Mainly with the metals and distressed wood. It’s so anti hipster even!

Do peruse the credits for more information about 6th Republic, I’ve included links to the website and Facebook page and thanks for stopping by on your lazy dazy Sunday!

 6º Republic Website
 6º Republic Facebook Page
 6º Republic Flickr Group

*Keke Bathroom Set by Kean Kelly | Coming soon to  6º Republic, May 6th

*[ keke ] glass cabinet – dark
*[ keke ] pendle – dark
*[ keke ] sink – dark
*[ keke ] wall mirror – dark

*-David Heather-Industrio Magazine Bin by Gianni Broda |  Coming soon to  6º Republic, May 6th

[DDD] Footed Simple Bath
The Loft – Glass CandleHolder
Pixel Mode – Manchester – Wall Pipe
Apt B // Divider
Apple Fall Fern Specimen
Apple Fall Unknown Specimen
Dutchie stack of towels
tarte. vintage string lights
Dutchie bowl with soap
Trompe Loeil – Shipping Crate Studio Wood
{what next} Charlotte Rug


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