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In a city full of  Birkenstocks, coffee grinds and rain jackets, there occasionally are a few days of glorious spring weather in between what we Seattle-ites like call the ‘convergence’ zone.

It is when we come out of our bookstores and cafes, maybe do some yard work, or in my stepfather’s case, haul out the ole’ Harley Davidfriggnson. A stereotypical white collar 40 year old, father of 2, he was the only man who could convince my mother that cigar smoking was in fact beneficial for his health lol.

One day, the 6ft 250lbs son of Norwegian immigrants threw away his three piece suit and left Seattle with only his credit card, driver’s licence and the ole’ Harley Davidfriggnson. Mom, having gone through a similar tantrum, knew that there were some that just needed the open road.

I learned something that week that I guess my inner Dorothy needed at the time: There is more than one kind of freedom. Freedom to and freedom from.

Not all yellow brick roads lead to the Emerald City and not all rainbows bring you sunshine. If I were a betting kind of woman, I’d wager to say my mum welcomed the change in her husband.

In fact, she was damn proud of him.

Thanks for stopping by on your busy weekend. Here’s a fun link I found for you RL world travelers: 8 Seattle Stereotypes that are actually true.

These poses (w/the motorcycle) were created by Tamara Artis of Aerial and are available exclusively (for now) at the Pose Fair which ends today (April 25th). 

You can find the complete list of creators with their featured items here at

*Pose|Prop: Aerial Bike by Tamara Artis for Pose Fair 2015
20 female poses, 10 male poses, 5 couples poses
It is a bit primy @ 27 prims but is copy/mod

On Wendz:
Jacket: Addams Leather Jacket w/ Shirt // Slink | N21
Pants: Addams  A Brand Cargo Pants
Boots: Addams  Dr. Addams Boots Closed
(gee addiction much?)
Hair: Entwined Elena | IDK
Ears: RealEvil ReVoX Mesh Ears
Rings: LUXE. – Dainty Ring-Diamond, Dainty Ring-Pyramid, Dainty Ring-X BLACK
Skin: Lara Hurley’s Scarlet II

On Vertig0:
Jacket: V-Spot So Cool Leather Jacket by Vertig0 Sands | Men Only Monthly
Pants: V-Spot Blue Collar Jeans
Shoes: Zoom Leather Sneakers
Glasses: Redgrave Zenith Sunglasses

Location: Pigeon Island

PS: There is now a thunderstorm above my house…go figure.





  1. Good story 🙂 And I couldn’t help but smile in how much “Birkenstocks, coffee grinds and rain jackets” reminds me of Vancouver.

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