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Wander as I wonder

Tell me o sister of mysteries unknown,

The tales and the victories, and the battles below.

Little curious kitten how do you go on? 

Such drivel, such nonsense, such worrying ‘some’.

You have the world at your behest, so do your very best!

Wander as I wonder where shall we go next?


On Wendz
*Dress: NYU Floral Blouse & Skirt by NyuNyu Kimono | Wayward Hunt April 17th (1pmslt) to May 1st
*Shoes: Essenz’ Malaga (Slink Flat Mesh Feet) by Senzati0n Domenitzo | On9
Hair: D!va Kelly Hair | Season’s Story

On Glinda
Outfit: Baby Pie Renee by Gabrielle Gregory
Includes shoes and hairbow
Hair: Elikatira Never
Pose: PMP Roller Girl
*Pose 2: elymode Paper boat prop | Pose Fair 2015
*Sari-Sari Art Class by Sari-Sari for XIASUMI School Festival Sakura Round! Ends this Sunday April 21st!
Sari-Sari – Art Class
Event Date: 3 April – 21 April
Located at the Art Club (1st floor of the building on the right side facing the auditorium)

Sari-Sari – Art Class – Sketchpad
Sari-Sari – Art Class – Colored Pencils
Sari-Sari – Art Class – Palette (dark)
Sari-Sari – Art Class – Palette (light)
Sari-Sari – Art Class – DIY Spray Paint
Sari-Sari – Art Class – Modeling Clay
Sari-Sari – Art Class – Colored Papers
Sari-Sari – Art Class – Canvas
Sari-Sari – Art Class – Cup with Brush
Sari-Sari – Art Class – Acrylic Paint
Sari-Sari – Art Class – Sakura Notebook RARE
Sari-Sari – Art Class – Watercolor RARE
Sari-Sari – Art Class – Crayons RARE

Other credits:
* XIN Eva Bedroom Desk RARE
* XIN Art Studio Easel (canvas on side)
* XIN  Mixed Media Table RARE
* XIN Cara Wooden Chair
* XIN  Standing Cabinet
Trompe Loeil – Paxton Canvases 3
Trompe Loeil – Paxton Canvases 2
Scarlet Creative Noelle Chalet
HIDEKI – Floor Lamp



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