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Pack it up, pack it in

“…let me begin, I came to win, battle me and that’s a sin…”

I double dog dare you all to finish the song in the comment box lol.

Mike Denenny’s latest aptly named build is the PackUP home because each balcony segment can be rotated ‘up’ to shield unwanted eyes from peering in.

And so, you have the opening line of this massively overplayed song, to which I will most likely be replaying in my head over and over again during my shift tonight… thank you Mike! 😛

But seriously, it is a pretty cool concept and would make for a nice skybox option imo. I went and packed it full of past and present furnishings that have lingered in pixel dust for too long.

Serenity Style is one of the new kids on the block as far as home deco and furniture and they are featuring their My Space collection this month at On9 so do visit for a closer look. 

I was going to do a full out clip to show how the ‘packing’ feature works on the house but ran out of time. You can see however that I did raise one side on the northeast part of the build. Even though I added blinds this time as window treatments, I figure it would still be useful for that one neighbor who ‘can’t take their eyes off of you’. (creeepy!)

Thanks for stopping by on your midweek blogscroll and feel free to IM me for any questions, concerns, cookie recipes. You can see the build demo at The Liaison Collaborative which started today.

*House: The Den’s PackUP Home by Mike Denneny | The Liaison Collaborative
*Desk|Office: Serenity Style– My Space Chair by hanstrid inshan |On9
Serenity Style- My Space Table
Serenity Style.- My Space Rack
Serenity Style- My Space Blackboard
*Kitchen: [ARIA] Ginevera modern kitchen by Yelo Uriza
[ARIA] Ginevra modern kitchen overhead cabinets
[ARIA] Ginevra  kitchen runner rug
[ARIA] Ginevra kitchen decorative chopping boards
[ARIA] Ginevra decorative paper towels
[ARIA] Ginevra potted Basil
[ARIA] Ginevra kitchen mitts

Other Deco:
*[ARIA] Georgia decorative tea sandwich stand
*[ARIA] Vesna  decorative vintage tea cup
*[ARIA] Raleigh vase with Poppies
Cheeky Pea Poppy Inspirational Sign
+Half-Deer+ Minimalist Tree – Grey-brown
Hideki – Butterfly Taxidermy
junk. plant stand.
[ zerkalo ] Shiny Shabby Boho-colored kitchen – Busket w/Bread
[ zerkalo ] Shiny Shabby Boho-colored kitchen – Kitchen Stuff
[ zerkalo ] Pile of books 3
Kalopsia – Vintage Table
Kalopsia – Jars
Kalopsia- Square Boxes
Apt B // Divider
.:revival:. book pile & candle 2
{what next} White Blinds
tarte. large bulb light
tarte. twinkle tree
tarte. boho ceiling lights
tarte. wine light
Second Spaces – Cluttered House – unopened mail gacha
Second Spaces – Cluttered House – pile of board games
Apple Fall Banana Tree
Apple Fall Photographers’ Easel
Scarlet Creative Foundry Cotton Sofa gacha
Consignment Bookworm Coffee Table
Little Branches _Lemonade_Promenade




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