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Simple and true

I had an inkling, a fleeting moment of inspiration. And just like the whip cream in my mocha, it vanished without a trace.

This is the downside of the so called ‘blogging-break’. The upside I suppose would be a nice, blank slate on the table of my imagination.

Managed to take some nice snapshots anyway.

Having spent these last few days hopped up on painkillers and herbal tea made me realize how complicated my little ole Second Life has become.

So, I’ve written down some simple goals for the week, that should help to cut out some of the unnecessary hub-bub:

1. Take out the papers and the trash or in SL speak: clean your inventory

2. Dancing with myself: get my avatar moving to the latest in dance animations, because they’re fun.

3. Extra time and your kiss: long soaks in the tub

4. Call the police and the fireman: play the Trivia machine at a nudie club.

5. DJ got us fallin’ in love again: more ‘Urrsherrr’ baby.

Ciao for a little while, fellow lurkers ♥

*Hair: Damselfly’ Jentry | On9
*Necklace: .:*:. Kotolier .:*:. “Fortune” Necklace (Sub-Pearl) | On9
Dress: miss chelsea’ Naked slip dress (charcoal)
*Pose 1: EverGlow’ Reader (prop includes pose)  | Pose Fair 2015
*Pose 2: WetCat’ Only (couples pose) | Pose Fair 2015
See full example of the Only couples pose here

*Special Guest poser: Vertig0 Sands




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