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a row of statues, stone figures of women, eating pizza


E is for Egypt


From the beauty and power of Cleopatra, to the elegance and wisdom of Nefertiti, Egyptian Queens have always captured our imagination.

Who are the most important Queens at Medici University? Cast your vote & state your reasons in the comments below!

Next Door

Click a door to take the next step in your journey:

Laserskater playing an upright piano as Veyot reclines on top of the piano and sings


Io Bechir in a selenium-toned photographic portrait and surrounded by flying birds


Roxy wearing a headband


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I have a masters degree in criminal justice. Presently I work the graveyard shift on the Medici University custodial staff. I used to DJ for the campus radio station and I'm thinking about starting again. I like long URLs. Nobody has time these days, just say what you have to say in the URL and move on. My URL's are 200 characters, so about a tweet & a half.

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