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The poise of ten thousand

the poise of ten thousand

Happy weekend and welcome fellow lurkers…

I come to you posed aloft a towering pillar of sculpty goodness overlooking a roaring, bubbling, rolling waterfall at Lost Island.


And look! Dare I take the plunge into the prim jagged rocks below? Hell yes.

Someone’s been watching a little bit too much Lara Croft I think. This goes without saying, that I love to love on this region. There are still so many areas to explore, so many angles to picturize..(yes I made that up), and little time on my hands to do so.

If you’re out and about on the grid today, take a moment to head on over and rediscover all that compelled you to come to Second Life.

Oh and if you happen to catch me perching on yet another daring stoop? You may want to scoot to the side, as I am noobtastically horizontally challenged 🙂

Teleport to Lost Island

(fashion credits will be added before midnight tonight, as I have turned into a pumpkin for the day)



  1. Ryan Medici says

    Hello Wendz!

    IDK if you know, but Oona and I are doing the “April A-2-Z” challenge with a series of alternating posts:

    For my turn tomorrow, I’d like to make a sort of “treasure hunt” across blogs, where you choose different links and land on different pages and choose more links to more places.

    I wonder what you might think of letting me post a page on your blog?

    It doesn’t have to be a WordPress “Post”, it can instead be a WP “Page” so that it doesn’t show up in your stream of posts. I could add it myself, or just give you all the text to cut and paste.

    LMK if you have any questions. And no worries if it’s too much imposition.

    Thank You Wendz!

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