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Having no regrets

Ever get so busy you forgot where you put your head?

Thankfully, Slink has been busy updating their products so as soon as I found my Becky (head that is), and put her on, there was an update sent.

If you own any of the Visage line, then you’ll want to check out Alaska Metro’s latest release for Skin Fair. 

There are 4 tones available at the fair, for her next generation skin line, and I am using the Bronze. I’m going to go ahead and quote the description from Alaska Metro’s blog that describes what comes in each tone:

  • Freckled and non-freckled base (for Classic avatars)
  • Loudmouth applier
  • Slink applier for hands, feet, Visage and Physique
  • #themeshproject installers
  • full Omega appliers
  • boxed set of manicures/pedicures for Omega, Slink, Eve & Maitreya
  • boxed set of makeups for Classic avatars, Slink Visage, Omega & #TMP

The boxed makeup set is a must-see as it includes 45 options, with a possible 2,000 combinations.

And trust me when I say that you’ll have SO many looks to play with, it just might take you all day, so maybe planning a virtual Spa day wouldn’t be so bad lol.

I did try to use the eyeshadow applier that came with the pack, but for some reason the alpha around my lashes (Visage), seemed to block parts of the make-up out. I don’t regularly use a mesh head anyway, but I can see where eyeshadow appliers may come in handy. I did use the Liquidshine applier for the lipstick in mocha and that turned out nicely.

Also coming this Saturday for 21Shoe are Sax Shephard’s Lupa Platform Stilletos in mardi gras and steel colors. The shoebase for most platform shoes for the Slink mesh High feet are different so you will have to do a slight adjustment when you first put them on, mostly just raising them up a bit and you can do that through Right Click > Edit through your Build window.

Earlier today I was able to tune in to a live streaming of Ebbe Linden’s keynote speech at this year’s Virtual World’s Best Practices in Education. The majority of the second half was spent sharing further details about Linden Labs’ newest platform which is set to begin testing as early as this summer.

While it technically is not a ‘Second Life II’, I have a feeling that many current residents will view it as such in the beginning. I however, am personally looking forward to seeing how this new platform could in fact have an appeal to younger generations, like my kids, obviously. (But I have SO much more to say on that.. next time.)

You can find the Keynote address at VWBPE’s website here.. as well as past conference recordings. You’ll have to click on the small X at the top right of the corner to get out of the ad and the stream should start right away.

Thanks for coming by and reading, and hearing and looking and touching.. okay maybe not the touching part. Do peruse the credits for uh all the stuff okay? Aloha for now ♥

*Shoes: Sax Shepherd Designs‘ Lupa Platform Stilletos for Slink High Mesh Feet by Sax Shepherd | 21Shoes Opens this Saturday
*Skin: alaskametro<3  Skin series v2 in Bronze (Appliers for Slink Visage/Physique) by alaskametro | Skin Fair 2015
*Lipstick: alaskametro<3  LiquidShine Lipgloss applier for Slink Visage by alaskametro | Skin Fair 2015
Eyes: Dead Apple’s Marble Eyes (mesh) | The Mens Dept.
Necklace: Pure Poison’s Ribbon Necklace
Tattoo: Inhale’s Guidance (applier for Slink Physique)
*Nails: alaskametro<3 beauty manicure in Vamp|Gold (Slink Mesh Hands)
Dress: Baiastice Lace Dream in red | FaMESHed
Pose: Del May’s Hand Kiss (modified)



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