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Down a silvery slope

“A shot in the dark
A past lost in space
Where do I start?
The past and the chase
You hunted me down..”

Oh Belleza, how I have longed to fit into thee!! Okay so that didn’t read right. Welcome back to Cozey, regardless.

Anything Belleza has and will probably always fit onto my shape simply because it is a modified version of a Belleza shape. (sacrebleu!)

When I first dipped my toe into the vast pool we now know as the SL Blogosphere, I wanted to shed everything that was attached to my former ‘look’, and well, Belleza became my sort of baseline. Tess is exclusively featured at the Skin Fair till the 29th of March, so do be sure to try on the demos when you get there.

Cozey has morphed into something more than a wanna-be Second Life fashion blog since then. To what, I really am not sure of yet. But its always nice to come back to your roots and even nicer to see how much you have grown.

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The whole reason I ‘do’ this every day ladies and gents, is because deep down inside I still have fun playing dress up. There the cat’s out of the bag! *throws glitter in the air*

If you ever find yourself sitting in front of your keyboard thinking, whaaattt the truck am I going to write about today? Or whooo really cares?!

Remember, that you care.. and when you care about what you wear, you’ll find that you’ll want to share and all that affair.

Sorry I could not resist.

Much love my friends ♥

Skin: Belleza’s Tess in sunkiss #9 by Shyla Diggs | The Skin Fair 2015
*Hair: enVOGUE’s Kendra by Casandra Rain | New @ mainstore
Outfit: Enfant Terrible Romper Silver by L’enfant terrible | kustom9
Head Jewelry: ARISE Vee Piercing | The Secret Affair
Cuff: CERES Dali Cuff
Necklace: MIAMAI’s Redux Plates | The Secret Affair
Tattoo: Reckless’ Sato (Belleza Applier /no hands)
Body: Belleza Venus Mesh Body
Pose: Del May’s Minimal Effort







  1. purplebutterflylykin says

    Of course I should be serious and add … its important to love who we are for who we are. Instead of chasing the crowd by wearing fashion or styles that might not be us to becoming recognised in blogsphere someone being authentic will always be noticed.

    You hit the nail on the head that blogging should be about what is fun to us. If its hard work then its not fun and if it isn’t fun then you shouldn’t be doing it! Sometimes I think when all the outside information about the “rules” and “should” of blogging we loose focus on the fun aspect of blogging which is simply sharing an extension of who you are, or maybe in SL fashion terms, what your wardrobe holds 🙂

    Hugs Wendz, now … back to that glitter …

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