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Anywhere and everywhere

I’ve been crawling up my walls feeling very shut in today until I had the chance to go visit my mum.

And wow, it made a massive difference in my mood right away. Forget the rain and soggy atmosphere, it just felt good to get out and still make it back in time to jot down all the jibjab you are about to read.

Like for instance, this rather clever pose series from Sari-Sari which will be released in a few hours at this month’s Liaison Collaborative.

There are more props and poses in this set, and this one happen to jive with what I’ve been feeling all day. You can see the ‘Bon Voyage’ set by Sari-Sari in its completeness here.

You can also find the latest releases from Sari-Sari by folllowing AbbyAnne’s Flickr as well as the official Sari Sari Flickr Pool. 

Do be sure to peek through the Liaison Collaborative’s own Flickr group to see the whos the whats and the whens 🙂

Also happening today and only today (since it is now the 15th), Essenz’ will be having a flash sale to celebrate their brand new build. As of right now, all singles are discounted at 50% off and fatpacks are 30% off. 


Click on the ad for a direct teleport and make sure you bring all your feet! (hah, bet that never crossed your mind!)

Okay so I lied, not a lot of jibjab right now except to wish you all a terrific Sunday, and may all your traveling needs be met ♥

*Sari-Sari Bon Voyage Pose/prop set by AbbyAnne for The Liaison Collaborative (Opens Midnight 3/15!)

Top: Blueberry Kits Casual Tee
Jeans: Blueberry Flare Jeans (for Slink Physique)
*Shoes: Essenz’ Lisbon (for Slink Highs) | Whore Couture Fair
*Hair: enVOGUE’s Kendra Hair | New @ Mainstore
Necklace: RealEvil’s Fallen Angel
Bracelet: NOMAD’s Bound Bracelet
Location: Studio Skye


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