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So while half of ya’ll are still rolling in the fluffy white stuff that blocked the driveway this morning, I get to sneeze a wad of tissues and bask in allergy hell spring’s springiness.

See so we’re even I think.

The Skin Fair is upon us once again fellow addicts, and as you can see, I am so snaphappy about it.

Izzie Button will be featuring a darling named, Romy and in’t she a cutey patootie? She comes with 10 eyeshadow options, 2 eyeliners, along with 8 light to dark brow versions in each tone. There are also the standard freckle layers and 12 additional lipsticks to play around with that are included as well.

Its actually been quite a bit since I’ve worn anything from Izzie’s so it really was indulgence on my end to be able to nab it. I think it’ll be fun having Romy around while all I go nuts over spring bees and cherry trees. (yes I did that on purpose)

I took these pictures at Lost Horizons today as Cougar has been redoing parts of the region so I thought I’d take a stroll.

Did I mention the cherry trees? Because I was totally serious about that..

Do be sure to head on over to the Skin Fair 2015 Flickr pool to see more previews of what is to come and what will be your wallets demise… I’m so sorry, but when someone says new skin on Second Life, I’m like:

Have fun sleeping tonight 🙂 Remember to perv the credits! Much aloha to you ♥

Skin: Izzie’s Romy in peach by Izzie Button | Skin Fair 2015, opens March 13th till the 29th
Makeup: Izzie’s Romy Eyeshadow in brown
Hair: elua’s iola in dark brown by Miu Edman | The Chapter Four
Lashes: Mon Cheri’s Falsies
*Eyes: Ikon’s Charmed in silverleaf xs by Ikon Innovia
Ears: RealEvil Industries ReVoX Mesh Ears E2
Dress: {Reverie} Dream On Dress
Location: Lost Horizons @ Azumi



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