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Light in familiar places

This whole, jumping ahead for an hour thing may just be the death of my nocturnal habits. So, maybe its a good thing, we’ll see.

My usual Sunday Sevensies feature has been temporarily moved to my other blog on Cozey Daily, just for the weekend, in order to ‘celebrate’ its 2nd anniversary. Cozey Daily is sort of the brain child of an idea I had with ‘looks of the day’ and whatnot, that never grew into fruition…and yet still found an audience. There are posts there that usually never make it here, so if you need just a quick run down and less word count, feel free to add me @ http://Cozeydaily.tumblr.com .

The Cookie Jar’s Perfect 10 event has been open for a few days and I thought I’d finally get around to sharing a few scenes I’ve had fun doing at that lonely hour of 3am.

Finishing Touches’ is featuring a minty serving of furnishings that fits right into the ‘get into spring’ mood of late. Something you don’t see everyday are oil lamps that aren’t bronzed up or rusted up. The ones with this set have a nostalgic feel for me, back when I used to run in the sugar cane fields in Lahaina.. true story. If my nana’s lamps weren’t lit in the patio, it meant we were too late coming home and we were in trouble lol.

That was totally random, but I dig the lamps 🙂

Also present at this round is a furniture brand called Encore, one that is pretty new to me actually. Its fun when you can find those little knick knacks that make your room, sing…on key 🙂 I don’t have the whole set featured here, but you can find the details for Encore’s full living room set at the event’s website.

I feel like this week has given me a much needed break from all the duties that comes with care giving. Thanks for stopping by on your busy weekend and do take a peek at the credits for more information.

1st Image:

*Finishing Touches Mint Collection | Perfect 10 (ends March 15th)
*FT* Trundle Daybed ~ Floral Mint
*FT* Painted Rocking Chair ~ Floral Mint
*FT* Wrinkled Rug ~ Mint
*FT* White Bird Cage on Stand w Ivy
*FT* Wall Lantern ~ White Mint
*FT* Humpback Trunk ~ White Painted Planks/Silver
*FT* Hanging Frames ~ Floral Mint 2

Hideki – Butterfly Taxidermy
oyasumi / triple light
{what next} White Blind (narrow)
floorplan. dreamer print
Kuro & [Con.] – [Just decor] Wall frame
[ zerkalo ] Pile of books 3 | Arcade March
[ zerkalo ] Pile of books 1 | Arcade March
junk. large lantern. silver. | UberSL
Second Spaces – snow day books – messy stack
+Half-Deer+D eer Planter – White
dust bunny . lily cottage Rare | Arcade March

2nd Image:

*Encore Living Room Set (does not show all pieces, click here to view entire set) | Perfect 10 (ends March 15th)
ENCORE Victorian Fireplace Stone
ENCORE Wall Sconce Dual-Lights
ENCORE-Victorian Floor Lamp
ENCORE-Rose Vase
ENCORE-Magazine Stack

PILOT – Romantic Candlesticks
Kalopsia Armchair Black and Rug “Dr. Grey Set”
Con&floorplan. The Librocubicularist’s Library / Black
ContraptioN Music Box: Sinister
[Fetch] Wrought Iron Wall Decor – Bronze
=EliBaily= Stratford Industrial Loft | New @ Mens Dept




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