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Sunday Sevensies, Travel Edition

No that is not some sweet set-up for an Arcade screenshot. (And if you’re one of the lucky ones that made it in, well kudos to you.. blimey..)

It is actually part of a much larger vision… nay, a dream, for Pandora’s Box of Dreams. This journey will take you through Dreams of Sakura.

When you arrive at the landing point, you will be encouraged to walk through several ‘titled’ segmented areas before reaching that cozey bed teleport (image above).

I really like them creative teleporting dealeos too, very cool and out of the uh, ‘box’.

The windlight I chose for the picture above sort of reminds me of something out of Avatar. (no?)

I often choose warm toned windlights for a majority of the pictures here on Cozey, so when I can find something as vibrant as that azure meets blue meets Avatar, I will usually save it, and maybe modify it at some later time.

See, now there’s that pink to warm setting again.. what is that all about I wonder? These windlights are like potato chips to me, I can’t just have one..(really don’t know where that came from)

Here are other fellow residents sharing their Dreams of Sakura as well:

Sunny Difference’ Flickr: She has a few closeups of gnoshable treats for you SL foodies out there

Cait’s World: Pandora Box of Dreams

Honour McMillan’s Finding an Elusive Spring in Second Life

Eddi and Ryce’s Second Life Destination Photography: Visit the Pandora Box of Dreams and Celebrate the Season of the Sakura

If you aren’t regularly following Second Life’s Highlights from the Destination Guide, this would be a great time to start. They usually share them through most of the popular social media sites and sometimes even through the Message of the Day, thingie.

Speaking of Second Life and social media, I finally had the chance to download the latest version of the Second Life Viewer  last night and went on to exploit the media sharing features while exploring yet another highlighted destination:

I’ll probably end up switching between Firestorm and SL depending on what’s on the other side of the lens. I couldn’t really use the SL viewer when I first bought my laptop because my graphic card was not yet supported. So in my impatience I went the FS route and quickly became spoiled lol. Gotta love Photo Tools. It’s like crack for the virtual photographer.

I’ve always noticed that when I use the SL viewer, it ‘feels’ lighter on my laptop. And while Firestorm is a powerful viewer in its own right, I feel like a laptop would not be giving it the horsepower it truly needs for an optimal experience.

raw img using SL Viewer’s Flickr sharing

raw img using SL Viewer’s Flickr Sharing

Thank you once again my fellow lurkers, for visiting this side of the tracks.. and when you feel like you’ve had enough of denied teleports to the godzilla of all gacha events, why not visit these wonderful locations?

I promise you’ll leave much calmer and nary a penny lesser nor dreaming none the wiser 🙂

Teleport to Blithe

Teleport to Pandora’s Box of Dreams



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