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The Learning Curve that is paved with good intentions

Greetings fellow lurkers… I apologize for the rather vague title to this post, as I am currently in the thick of a “Don’t know what to title this” fog we come across now and then.

Berry’s latest Monday Meme challenges us to share what ‘Second Life has made us learn’ …so buckle your virtual safety studded belts, do mind the exits and obstacles!

It’s about to get wordy all up in here.

Meme instructions: Share things that you have learned because of your involvement in Second Life, either personally or professionally. 

Being real in a virtual reality

I used to come to Second Life as a means of escape, kind of like my mind’s playground. There were toys, pretty clothes and the pretty pretty hair… all of the stuff! But this playground had other kids in it too, and I learned quickly how it felt to be dispensable. I learned that Second Life meant other things to other people and not everyone was here for the same reason.

How to appreciate Content Creators

Because they truly are what makes or breaks our most happiest place. And when I say content, its not just the ‘material’ stuff. It’s every resident who has ever dared to express themselves creatively through, music, photography, prose even.

Google Drive, Docs and Sheets

Kinda crazy yeah? I never would have learned how to navigate let alone use Google’s browser based products if it weren’t for Second Life. The cloud is a magical place.

Photoshop | PicMonkey |  Wordpress 

I still feel like I am and will forever be climbing this learning curve, but at least I’ve learned to stick with a WordPress theme that I like for more than 6 months at a time lol. And those chin shadows and defined lines in post processing? It’ll be a miracle if I ever ‘learn’ how to do that.

How to put together an outfit without looking like your closet threw up

Okay so once upon a time I thought mesh would come and go as yet another Second Life fad but I clearly recall the day I bought my first mesh top at Maitreya and first mesh hair at Truth and thought….”WHY DID YOU WAIT SO LONG, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU WENDY?!!!!”

As far as mesh content goes in fashion and building, Second Life has come sooo far in such a short amount of time. Pretty amazing if you ask me. See I even felt like showing some off.

Last one I promise: How to say NO with a smile on your RL face

Uh, I’ve not learned how to do this yet. Whenever I say no or disagree or turn something/someone down in Second Life, I most always look like this:

Hope that wasn’t too boring 🙂 I almost made it under 500 words today woot! Do visit for more blog challenges and the like and see you on the next bus ride. (It was a short bus with studded belts.)

Outfit: United Color’s Leather Vest/Shorts | Liaison Collaborative
*Shoes: Essenz’ New Orleans for Slink High Mesh Feet | Available @ Mainstore
Hair: Tableau Vivant’ Keiran Hair
Tattoo: Reckless Scholar for Slink Physique | The Mens Dept
Eyes: Ikon Charmed Eyes brown | New @ mainstore
Ears: Mandala Steking Mesh Ears Season5 (elven)
Body: Slink Physique
Piercing: ellabella’s Benediction
Make Up: The Plastik’s Astrali Heavy Eyeshadow
Pose: Diesel Work’s Zahra 10
Location: Dead End City 







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  2. I still haven’t quite tackled the google docs challenge, though I recently mastered my dropbox at long last for coordination with my photographers on posts – it’s a revelation! I’m thinking google docs are the next mountain to be tackled, though. Thanks for sharing!

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