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Love is more than enough

Image by Vertig0 Sands

Happy weekend fellow lurkers and anons… It is I, your lovable, huggable and oft times buggable blogging buddy, here to share my Top Five Flickr picks of the week.

I could have chosen a hundred, but lets face it, you’re enjoying your weekend and a 500 word post is not convenient right now, Bumble!

Pick #5:

“Stay Calm I am just on my way” by Sunny George | Blog ~ just a huge fan of his cosplay works. Like this one!

Pick #4:

“Daydream Girl” by Doutzen Joubert | Blog ~ a whimsical scene with her trademark lighting and effects, I’ve always admired Doutzen’s one of a kind touch.

Pick #3:

“Teddy Krueger, A Night Bear on Linden Street” by Wurfi | Blog ~ Bear extraordinaire with a clever take on a favorite classic and oh em gee, the cuteness?! I just can’t.

Pick #2:

“We don’t need air down here” by KaraLee Aeon | Blog ~ this image should move every piscean soul hmm? Our time is just around the corner my fishy friends!

And the Top Flickr Pic of the week goes to:

“I know the sound of his boots” by Rwah | Blog~ Rwah has always been in a class of her own.. every image has a silent message that speaks to viewers on an individual basis. I admire her rigorous attention to focusing on what we might see as a simple composition, and yet her photographer’s eye seems to always capture the deeper nuances. (well that’s just me anyway.)

The pose V and I are using is called Temptation by Luna Jubilee (!bang), a couples pose that I dearly love.

Everything else I’ve listed in the credits, so do peruse if you have a chance….

Until the next appointed time, may your weekend bring you sunshine, lollipops and shopping afterglow ♥

On Wendz:

Dress: Lumiere Lace Dress (noir) by Paris Lux | Liaison Collaborative’s Leather and Lace
Hair: Analog Dog’s Tootsie
Hands: Slink Elegant and Relaxed Mesh Hands

On Vertig0:

Suit: Deadwool’s Dandy Suit by Masa Plympton
Hair: Action’ Sam (edited 2/22 sowwy!)

Other Credits:
[Tia] Drape Room Dividers |  Liaison Collaborative’s Leather and Lace
[Tia] Jewelled Chandelier |  Liaison Collaborative’s Leather and Lace
Pose: !bang Temptation by Luna Jubiliee




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