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Milestones Meme

If you’re anything like me and the majority of the blogosphere, then stats, likes, ping backs and comments are sort of like your blogs’ lifeline. Words like, ‘readership’, ‘audience’, ‘reach’, start to blend in with the rest of your daily vocabulary and just like that, you’re ‘bloggaversary’ is here. (that one is not original btw)

That is pretty awesome if you ask me.. dedication is a quality that is sore lacking nowadays it seems. Which reminds me to dedicate myself to daytime writing and no more 3am posts. (Keep telling yourself that!)

Thank goodness for folks like Strawberry Singh, who keeps us on our proverbial toes-es with her weekly Monday Meme challenges!

Meme instructions: Share when you started Second Life, when you started blogging about Second Life and talk about any Second Life blogging milestones you wish to share with your readers. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments.

I promised myself I wouldn’t go over the 700 word count on this post so we’re going to go full nerd and bullet point this bi…uh thing.

  • Second Life Rez date for Wendz|Bumblebee is May 29th 2010. (Yes I have other alts, and they are all vaccinated, thanks.)
  • 1st Second Life blog was created in October 2011, on a private server of a friend who promptly shut the thing down when we departnered lol.
  • 2nd Second Life blog..heh…was created in November 2012 via Blogger. I have only nice things to say about that platform, (for now.)
    • One of my first milestones then, was winning early access to Hair Fair 2013.
    • I read somewhere that my Blogger stats weren’t exactly kosher, and decided to move to WordPress.
  • Cozey Daily via Tumblr was created in early spring 2013. At the time this was my hair brained solution to a ‘look of the day’ sort of thing. I still blog there regularly, and many posts do not ever make it here to CozeySL.
  • 3rd Second Life blog was created in April 2013 on WordPress. Their stats are a lot more organized and thorough I think.
    • It is also around this time I too decided to purchase my domain name.
    • I’m currently applying to get CozeySL copyrighted but given that all my money went to my teenagers’ fetish for all things Adidas, it ain’t happenin’.
  • Finally got Cozey its own Facebook page in early 2014, and finally hit 200 likes last month lol. (hitting 10 was like Christmas for me even!)

Numbers numbers numbers..

  • Total Views (WordPress) since 2012: 29,037
  • Total Comments (WordPress) since 2012: 1,585
  • Article with most comments “See Me Be Brave“: 18
  • Article with most views in one month “Curves and Edges” : 726

Every chance I get to write, there is usually some kind of mental/ emotional process I go through so that by the time I am done spewing all over this poor poor html window, I’ve worked through whatever was bothering me during the day.

There were several personal blogging milestones I remember writing when I started to question the validity of finding ‘love’ in Second Life. I don’t write about such things in gross detail usualy, and so, I took pictures over the course of several months to at least get it out of my system, so to speak.

Tempest in a Teacup: So many unsuccessful SL partnerships caused me to basically grow calloused. There’s not a lot to read here, but those poses helped me visualize, as if I was letting go of the bitterness of the past and just trusting that I would land on my own two feet.

The Other side of Wanting:  That trust issue always bled into every relationship I’ve ever formed, professional, business, partner, familial, real or virtual. I wanted to see myself make it through to the other side, past the reflection and into the tangibility of, hope.

Sorry, but not sorry:  True confidence is a wonderful thing. And more so when it is based on love.



Now, if you’re looking for more great ideas to kickstart your Second Life blog, do visit Strawberry’s blog and be sure to go through her Blog/Meme Challenges Category as it is a rich resource of ideas and inspiration.

Thank you for stopping by on your daily blogscroll fellow lurker and friend. Remember, you are always welcomed here!

*Earrings: Kunglers Extra’ Finrod by Ava Kungler | L’accessoires First Love now Open!
Dress: Tee*fy Freya Dress (short) | Collabor88
Skin: Lara Hurley’s Heidi | New @ mainstore
Eye Makeup: Lara Hurley’s Scarlett Eyeshadow green
Eyes: Ikon Vanity Eyes glen
Hair: Analog Dog’s Tipsy
Pose: (#2) !bang #471 | Thrift Shop


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