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Sunday Sevensies: Great Reads Edition

I took a picture earlier this evening with the sole purpose of wearing sassy, classy, slinky, sexy lingerie courtesy of Alaska Metropolitan (that is her name! WAY cool) of alaskametro for the current round of anyBODY.

I used my Slink Physique mesh body as this lingerie set is an appliers based type of thing and with less struggle than that of a hamster spinning its wheel, I finally got the clothing HUD to cooperate.

During the past few weeks, even though I’ve been away from the computer, I have been keeping up with Second Life via Facebook, Flickr and Twitter on my tablet and celly, as well as good reading from some of my favorite Second Life bloggers.. good reading such as:

*Canary Beck: The Robot and I, in Second Life

Becky’s experience and observations on artificial intelligence in the form of Bots on Second Life. Well that’s my rudimentary summary anyway. I’ve written about my own experience with an SL bot in the past, and I still think that a well scripted, well developed, well coded ‘bot’ could be more entertaining than some of the campers I find at the nearest chat hotspot…

*Peep Sideshow: Just Because

I love the ‘just because’ articles. They’re the ones that are written in a moment of heated inspiration. The ‘just becauses’ are what I like to call, blogcations…(sort of like blog vacations, but not really)

*Nigel Cleanslate:

There aren’t many male fashion bloggers that I’ve come across (yet) who can captivate my attention more thanthis blogger.  Nigel’s reviews are absolutely entertaining, interesting, witty, clever and honest to the core. Did I mention entertaining?!  I mean he’s bloody talking about the evolution of boots! I stinkin’ love that!

Anyway, I think I’ve hit my 300 word count for today 😛 Thanks for stopping by on your lazy dazy Sunday. Do peruse the credits and if you’d still like that shopping date….

*Lingerie: alaskametro’s Yvette (using Slink Physique Applier included)| anyBODY 3

Furniture: Kalopsia’s New Royals Couch, Chair, Vase and Chandelier
Hair: Magika’s Serene
Body: Slink Physique Mesh Body



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