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Wake the fallen

An avalanche is usually triggered from disturbing a pack of snow that seemingly looks stable. Kind of hard to tell what’s brewing underneath because everything on the topside looks fine.

Last Friday, I in my naivete, assumed that my first ‘life’ was humming along nicely, all my daily routines synced, bills paid, kids fed, getting to work on time, etc, etc.

That Saturday morning I woke up to the news that my mother had suffered a severe stroke overnight, and it was some time before my sister discovered her.

The things that go through your mind then: “Is she conscience? Can she breathe? Can she speak? Can she move? Who do we call, where do we go?” . It’s been a nightmare, and that silver lining likes to hide behind the dark horizon.

It has been one week to the day and in spite of dreary, sad news, she is surviving. That is all I can ask for, for now.

I can’t imagine the confusion and frustration she is going through as she cannot speak yet. She cries and I linger. She stares into the distance and my hand touches her shoulder.

We kiss her paper thin cheek goodnight and take our place at her bedside, praying and guarding our most precious, who prayed and watched over us those many years ago.

I find myself ‘mothering’ my adult siblings, as they struggle to make sense of it all. I watch my once ‘stoic’ brothers, tall and proud, crumble when they think of how close we were to losing her. There is an awakening of sorts.

She improves everyday, thankfully. Yesterday, she finally stood at a window and really looked at the world around her with comprehension. I can almost imagine her calling for her car keys so she can get the heck out of there lol.

There’s an awakening there too I think. I believe our family is on the verge of finding each other again. We’ve been lost in our own paths for such a long time. Now is the time for them to awaken, and be present, in mind body and soul.

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Until next time my friends

Wings: Remarkable Oblivion’s Eternity | New @ Mainstore
Headpiece: Eudora3D Isabella headpiece in noir
Armor: Death Row Designs’ Melancholy Armor in metal
Tattoo: Speakeasy’ Ink’d Temple | New @ Fashion Fair
Necklace: (partially hidden sorry!) Real Evil’s Fallen Angel | Men’s Only Monthly
Hair: Exile’s Glamorous
Eyes: Ikon Hope eyes Quicksilver
Skin: Lara Hurley Scarlett II (no brow)
Makeup: Lara Hurley Scarlett Eyeshadows
Glam Affair Preziouso Lipstick Nude
Piercings: ellabella’s Benediction
Halo: The Ugly and Beautiful Designs Ungodly Halo
Pose: Sari-Sari minimal nouveau sits




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