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Dreamers find a way

“Dreamers can find their way by moonlight and their only punishment is that they see the dawn before the rest of the world..”

These late night/ early postings are born out of a desperate need to flesh out ideas, inspiration and just general creative hypertension.

Earlier this evening some of my coworkers and I took a break and gabbed about what kinds of routines help us to finally get to bed after these late shifts.

The common denominator turned out to be, a quick snack, a good blanket and Netflix of all things lol.

Well, I sorta had the virtual antsy pantsies so I took a leisurely stroll around Winter Moon on Ultra settings. It’s been a while since I slid that bastard, I mean, toured Second Life this way.

Normally I keep the graphics settings (on Firestorm) down to Low and just cam(era) around my surroundings. Yeah, that’s super lazy, I’m so sorry.

It was a pleasant walk, I found secluded spots here and there that I’ve always meant to go back and explore. Took the standard 1000 snapshots and of course used only 3 :/

The sounds of the waterfall soothed my already fraying nerves and I finally felt like all the cares of this past week were gone and melted away. Netflix can always wait for another night.

I do hope your weekend will give you a well deserved respite. And if you’re looking for a tag a long tour buddy, ping me 🙂


*Top: Alaskametro’s Ingrid Tunic Dress (blush) by Alaska Metropolitan | New! 
Available on Marketplace in 6 different colors
Official Website Link here

Bottom: Mutresse Simona Trousers (vanilla)
*Shoes: Ingenue Zuri Flats
Shawl: erratic’ cozy winter evenings’ beige gacha (common)
Earmuffs: Izzie Button Mesh Earmuffs
Hair: Entwined’ Electra | We Love Role-Play
Event ends 1/31!
Pose: oOo Studio Travelogue
Location: Winter Moon 



  1. purplebutterflylykin says

    Sounds we tour SL the same way .. lol .. Ultra graphics is reserved for slow motion picture taking in my world these days 😦

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